Wansheng Wandong Town: Volunteer activities make the year more interesting

2022-07-28 0 By

(Correspondent Huang Zhiwei ren Maoling) Jinhu New Year, Fuxi Yingmen.From January 24th to 25th, the Youth League Committee and the Customs Committee of Wandong Town in Wansheng Economic Development Area organized young volunteers to carry out the volunteer service activity of “Celebrating the New Year with you”. They had a reunion dinner with six disabled families or families whose only child had been lost. They welcomed the New Year together and sent their blessings and warmth to the young volunteers.It is reported that the volunteer service activities, wandong town young volunteers came to the area of disabled families or families lost their only child home, to provide them with life care, psychological comfort, chat with them, cook a good table, eat a reunion dinner and so on.Each to a special group, the young volunteers began their own “operation”, there are looking for the elderly to chat, take the initiative to do health, with a stool to hang lanterns and paste Spring Festival couplets, there are volunteered to do……People are motivated and motivated.In a short time, a sumptuous and hot reunion dinner was put on the table. The red Spring Festival couplets and lanterns hung high in front of the house added to the festive atmosphere, making every family with a disabled person or a family whose only child has been lost have a strong “Year” flavor.In the upcoming Spring Festival, wandong town young volunteers and disabled families or bereaved families heart to heart, heart to heart, for them to bring spiritual comfort, let them feel the vitality of youth and the warmth of the society.In Wandong town, youth volunteer activities have become a beautiful scenery line.The picture shows the volunteer service activity of “Happy New Year with you”.