Sweden, a neutral country in the war, faced with Germany’s threat, how to successfully protect itself?

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During the Second World War, the vast majority of European countries were involved in the war, even the self-proclaimed neutral countries were also difficult to avoid being involved in disputes.After all, it was hard to find a safe place in Europe under Germany’s iron grip. Most of Europe was occupied by Germany, or was allied or potential ally of Germany.Of course, Sweden is one of the few countries to remain neutral, it is often thought that Sweden in World War II because of its neutrality to ensure that they did not get involved in the flames of war, more from being bullied by Germany, but is that really the case?That was certainly not the case, and Sweden was certainly not immune from war by a neutral statement when all Of Europe was red with flames.Sweden can maintain their neutrality, in fact, because Sweden has been sleeping on hardships, when necessary to Make some compromises to Germany, to develop their own power to ensure their survival.First of all, Sweden is neutral is also unable to do things, because the country’s actual situation in here.Sweden early ancestors are indeed broad, in the 17th century Sweden’s national strength in Europe is also unprecedented strong, in Europe also belongs to the “European ghost”, who beat who do not greet the kind of.At that time Sweden in Europe can not be said to be horizontal walk, at least is also the European continent of the north small overlord, even if the Swedish navy warships in the Baltic sea horizontal walk, the ships of the countries must also give the Swedish navy out of the way, or you hit on the ground.But Sweden’s good times soon passed, and with Russia’s strong rise, Sweden began to decline.After the Great Northern War, Sweden was wiped out and Finland was ceded to the Russians.Although it later took over Norway during the Napoleonic Wars, It broke away in 1905, leaving Sweden completely out of pocket.From then on Sweden lost the ability to fight for the continent, and could only watch the great powers of the continent go back and forth on its own turf.But this was not a lasting solution. After all, Sweden was hardly immune from the struggle for power in Europe.Therefore, Denmark finally decided to become a permanent neutral country, completely bid farewell to the struggle for power on the European continent.Although Sweden can not go out to play others, but the advantage is that no one will play Sweden, and because Sweden itself is rich in high quality iron ore, we are happy to keep Sweden neutral.Before the first World War, the rapid development of industrial countries, Sweden’s high quality iron ore is all countries need something, considering the actual industrial development needs, we are also willing to let Sweden do a neutral source of goods.To put it bluntly, Sweden, a permanent neutral country, did well enough to survive the chaos of the First World War.And because countries at that time in Sweden such a permanent neutral country for private negotiations and secret mediation, so Sweden can also grasp the situation in Europe more quickly, which is already a small Country in Europe for Sweden is very important.It can be said that with its reputation as a permanent neutral country and extensive iron ore trade, Sweden has made a good living and accumulated a lot of wealth.The bad news, however, was the wealth and iron ore that eventually attracted Hitler.After Hitler came to power, he was in search of resources. After all, Hitler was good at demagoguery, but he was not a Wizard from Hogwarts, so he could not directly conjuring up the materials needed by German industry, so he also had to import a lot of iron ore, and Sweden became his target.This was supposed to be a mutually beneficial affair, but Sweden soon realized that something was wrong, because Norway, also a neutral country, had been conquered by Hitler in 1940, and Norway itself was in danger.Despite repeated claims that Sweden would remain neutral, dozens of Swedish merchant ships were sunk in 1940, all by German u-boats.This is obviously not a good thing, because it means that everything Hitler had said before, that he would guarantee Swedish independence, was bullshit, and not a single word of it was true.Sweden knew exactly what Hitler meant. He kept Sweden only for its resources and for fear of a general shift towards Britain, so he kept Sweden neutral.But Hitler felt he had to bash Sweden anyway, so he let German submarines sink Swedish merchant ships.Can Sweden stand up to Hitler?It is a pity that Sweden is now incapable of defending itself against Hitler.If they do not obey Hitler, Hitler’s army – light fetch the probability is very small, because Sweden mountainous terrain, is not suitable for the German armored forces, Hitler would not rashly sent troops, or they will have been Hitler’s economic blockade, daily supplies, such as Sweden need to import food from the outside world, Germany has now occupy the whole of the Western Europe,The lifeline of Sweden was in Hitler’s hands.Now, Hitler didn’t need force to bring Sweden to its knees, just a little economic blockade.So, Sweden experienced a period of hardship, because of Germany’s economic blockade, Sweden’s market prices skyrocketing, the domestic unemployment rate is also rising, in the face of Hitler’s oppression and bullying, Sweden can only choose hypocrisy, one side of the diplomatic close to Germany, one for Germany as much as possible to provide iron ore,Bearings and ball bearings needed by Germany were also sold to Germany.In Hitler’s eyes Sweden had succumbed, because Sweden had essentially become part of the German war machine, providing Germany with an endless supply of resources, and Hitler felt he didn’t have to worry about Sweden anymore.Far from what Hitler thought, the Swedes had not really succumbed to Germany. They were just secretly growing their power.Sweden secretly cooperated with the allied intelligence services. It was the Swedish Navy that secretly sent the information about the German battleship Bismarck to Britain, and even the information about bismarck’s departure from port to Britain, which contributed to the sinking of the Battleship bismarck by the British Royal Navy to some extent.Sweden became, so to speak, an outpost for gathering German intelligence. The careless Germans did not notice that Sweden was sending information about Germany to the Allies.On the other hand, Sweden is also constantly strengthening its forces, the army from 40,000 people rapidly expanded to 500,000 people, and fully achieved mechanization and modernization, equipment level is not lost to the German army, tanks, artillery, aircraft and warships and other equipment.After all, Sweden’s military strength has been greatly improved now, while Germany is stuck in the quagmire of the Soviet Union battlefield, it is impossible to attack Sweden, can only sit on the strength of Sweden is increasing, but there is no way.In the second half of 1943, Sweden completely broke off cooperation with Germany, Germany was not allowed to send troops through Sweden, and even directly cut off iron ore supplies to Germany.The Germans were itching to hate, but there was nothing they could do.Now Germany is unable to withstand the Soviet counterattack, how come the strength to punish the flag independence of Sweden?In this way, Sweden ushered in a period of development by expanding its own strength, and ultimately with its strength to ensure its neutrality and away from the threat of world war.