Study on landscape painting form in Guanzhong region from Sui and Tang Dynasties to early Song Dynasty

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A series of development trends of landscape painting, and ancient Chinese art history and the development of some humanities have a close connection.The specific development of landscape painting has not involved in some morphological things.And the morphology and the humanities related things, then the impact on the society was definitely not only in the field of art.But in the whole social field will cause different degrees of influence, but will be reflected in different media.Then in the Sui and Tang dynasties to the early Song dynasty landscape painting, especially the guanzhong region landscape painting at that time what changes have taken place?First, the changes in the form of landscape painting at that time had a certain relationship with the field of literature.1. The development of landscape painting was inherited from the wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties and the Sui and Tang Dynasties. The development of landscape painting in Guanzhong region was even less mature, because guanzhong region had been in a relatively closed environment for a long time, so it was somewhat closed.Therefore, in such an environment, it is quite difficult to develop the art field or the derivative field related to art.However, such closure actually has an advantage, that is, it will lead to the formation of guanzhong region’s own unique landscape painting style.In fact, the development of landscape painting can be large or small, mainly originated from the development of landscape painting at that time, what degree of development, such a degree is not enough to break through the region at that time, to these development restrictions.Because the regional development on the whole will form a greater restriction on the development of landscape painting.After all, this is a long period of development, in the long period of development, including climate, terrain, these are formed over a long period of time, the result is not easy to change.So the development of landscape painting, to some extent, it is difficult to break through the restrictions imposed by these things.Although under the influence of a series of factors in a long period of time, it will hinder the development of landscape painting, but generally speaking, landscape painting is still developing, especially in the whole Sui and Tang dynasties.In fact, the development of landscape painting did not start from the Sui and Tang dynasties, and the specific development to the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period has developed.So the most typical is in the whole Period of Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties, the development of landscape painting entered a peak state, mainly because the so-called hermit culture was popular at that time, so for landscape painting in the Period of Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties more attention is to write about god.The popular understanding of writing god is that it does not pay attention to the specific form, but lies in the connotation expressed by a painting.In fact, such a development or landscape painting actually has a bit of the color of the literati painting in the Later Song Dynasty, but it is different from the delicate connotation of the literati painting in the Song Dynasty.However, in the Sui and Tang dynasties, especially under the atmosphere of a unified empire, the form of his landscape paintings, especially the landscape of guanzhong region, changed significantly.The most typical is the gradual infiltration of literature into some of the content of landscape painting, so that landscape painting is not a pure landscape painting, but a combination of landscape painting and literary works.2, in the landscape painting gradually began to sui and tang dynasties and associated literature if before in wei jin northern and southern dynasties, the guanzhong region of landscape painting in vogue is to write the style of the word of god, so in the whole unified empire period of sui and tang dynasties, the development of landscape painting is gradually, and to unite in the field of literature at that time.In the sui and Tang dynasties, the development of literature, especially the development of Tang poetry, reached a certain peak.Therefore, landscape painting at that time was also influenced by the style of Tang poetry, the most typical of which was Wang Wei.Wang Wei himself is a famous poet, and also a famous painter, in wang Wei produced a series of excellent literary and artistic works.One of the outstanding styles in Wang Wei’s overall literary and artistic works is that wang Wei’s paintings are combined with wang Wei’s poems. Therefore, some people in later generations would say that wang Wei’s paintings contain poems and paintings in poems when evaluating wang Wei’s landscape paintings.Such a perfect image state was also praised by some landscape painters later.Such as the birth of a more unique style of painting, obviously, not because of the development of the tang dynasty was reached a peak, the landscape painting is also need to be done and the development of the tang dynasty a organic union, because the development of the tang dynasty too rapidly, separate some art cannot avoid the development of tang poetry to obtain some puzzling things.In fact, this truth is the same as the development of Song Ci in the Song Dynasty. Song Ci has some relatively extreme development, so a series of paintings in the Song Dynasty will highlight some unique connotations.That is to say, the real thing conveyed is not a concrete realistic state, but the content behind the painting.This is why in some later literary and artistic works, landscape paintings or some paintings themselves were required to be inscribed with poems. In fact, this series of so-called ceremonies were influenced by the cultural environment at that time.So the development of landscape painting of the sui and tang dynasties period will be affected by a series of cultural environment, is the most typical in the guanzhong region because of the audience to sui and tang dynasties is a political center, then in such a unique political center, under the special role of actually the function of culture will be more obvious, and even some so-called political function.This political function was not only found in tang poetry, where many poets complained that their official career was not smooth and they could not become officials.Of course, such complaints can also be found in some landscapes, especially in the landscape paintings of people in Guanzhong region.Second, the development of the guanzhong region in fact some of sui and tang dynasties to the early years of the song dynasty landscape painting form, all is brought a huge shift 1, the guanzhong region of a series of changes to the sui and tang dynasties actually landscape painting style is brought huge changes to compare the guanzhong region from the perspective of regional culture, is relatively close to the time of the changan,Long – term by the relatively excellent cultural environment.So for a long time, this place has been a place with a lot of emigrants and poets, and it is also a must-visit place for some painters.And the scenery here is also better, many mountains and strange landscape, in fact, for some artistic ideas are also very good.At that time, there were a lot of people who wanted to paint landscape paintings, and people would come to guanzhong.Even for those who were born in Guanzhong, most of them would choose guanzhong for their future development, largely because guanzhong was close to the capital at that time and had a good cultural environment.In addition, many magnificent mountains in Guanzhong region can provide some ideas for artistic creation, which is conducive to the development of my thinking.Moreover, some specific geographical environments in Guanzhong region are quite special, which cannot be replaced by other places, such as some mountain shapes.Is relatively tall and handsome thick.Therefore, from the whole Landscape paintings in guanzhong region of the Sui and Tang dynasties, there is an obvious outstanding color, that is, there is a certain style of literati painting in it, but there are also some grand trends in it.Such a grand trend not only appeared under the emperor of The Sui and Tang dynasties, but also mainly because a series of relatively majestic landscapes focused on the region were easy to produce such paintings.In addition to the Sui and Tang dynasties, Guanzhong region is a relatively unique place.Because in the early sui and Tang dynasties, the main controller of Guanzhong region was the Guanlong Family, which just monopolized a series of political patterns in the early Sui and Tang dynasties, so in the development of many fields, Guanzhong region also had a certain monopoly advantage.Therefore, this also determines why the forms of some landscape paintings in The Guanzhong region in the Sui and Tang dynasties are different from those in the guanzhong region in the later period.2. The landscape painting in Guanzhong region underwent an obvious change in the Song Dynasty.In fact, there will be a big difference between the form of landscape painting in the Song Dynasty and that in the Sui and Tang dynasties, that is, landscape painting in the Sui and Tang dynasties may reflect a grand and huge feeling.However, the feeling of landscape painting in the Song Dynasty seems to be more delicate and more with some literary colors.Song dynasty of the guanzhong region of landscape painting is actually more inherited an overall style of wei jin southern and northern dynasties period, the style of this kind is often called the essence of Chinese landscape painting, such as fan k ‘uan xishan line trip, in fact, is clearly reflected in song dynasty, the early, the morphological characteristics of landscape painting for some, the shape will not specifically to explore,And the main discussion is about the expression of the description and transmission.And depending on the author or the current situation of the author, there may be some ideal description of the outline of the whole painting and some things as a whole.In fact, such description is quite obvious for the regional style or some personality expressions of individuals.This is obvious, but precisely because guanzhong region since the Song Dynasty, in fact, is not the political center.Therefore, it is obvious that in the whole process of the development of landscape painting, political color is constantly reduced, and instead of political color, the style of a region will be more prominent.3. To sum up the development of landscape painting, various factors will be considered. Region is an important factor, but on the basis of regional structure, social or power changes may be more considered.These factors are colliding.Do they exist together?That is to say, in the development of a practice, one is to cover up the development of another and exist alone.References: History of song Dynasty, Ancient History of China, History of Sui and Tang Dynasties