Mortal xiuxian drive “magic road for the top” annual surprise review: Han Li magic dance interpretation

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Mortal Immortal drive the second part of the Battle of demons, has been updated to episode 14, corresponding to the mortal anime collection of the 35th word.As the first season of the year, the new season of animation is obviously better than the previous production level.In other words, Wang Director revealed yesterday that there will be a surprise on The 30th of the Chinese New Year.There was a lot of speculation as to whether there was an extra link.As an old fan of long comments on each episode, I moved a small bench early and waited for the 11:00 update.Boy, I didn’t expect it. I didn’t expect it. It was a surprise.At first I thought I was in the wrong theater, and then it happened.Comedy music, plus the magic of the dance, is really a New Year to mobilize the atmosphere.Official work is fine. Give this wave of joy a thumbs up.Also take this, I wish you a happy New Year.You and I are mortal, a happy New Year.The book continues back, said that one of the four blood shi Iron luo is about to break the cocoon incarnation.But see Han Li hands empty, the pace is light head on slowly walk.As soon as the spotlight comes on, the costume changes. Look at this posture, I think Han will immediately launch a big attack.In this thrilling moment, the music painting wind suddenly turned, Han Li palms and raised to the brow.This posture is like the reincarnation of Sun Tai Sheng, fixed eyes, Han Li waved his hand, as if to say.”Monster, hurriedly run, today big New Year 30, this day honor today have no time, first let go you once, after year again dozen.”At that moment, in the blink of an eye, Han Li clapped his hands on the chest!Call it a day and go home.At this time, the lens to han Li’s elder brothers, all fingers gently rub, beaming, it seems to be looking for Han Li to red envelopes.But Han Li can not have time, so late play strange home New Year’s Day, and then late can kneel rub clothes board.The first thing to do, of course, is to do a warm-up triple jump for the principal fairy Nangong Wan.Nangong fairy or veil, naturally, the body recline, a look of schadenfreude.Meaning: Small sample, look at your boast.Han Li seems to be aware of the bad, the index finger gently.The picture turns again, a magic fat man, is standing on the table jumping, complacently, not yiyi.They suddenly realized, the original instruction Han Li hot dance gallant, is the “forget fat god” as the profiteer teacher uncle.Han Li this dance is from his own guidance and planning.See Nangong wan still lying on the side, no expression.Led by zhong Wei Niang four teachers brothers friends and relatives group original guidance, head than heart, hint Han Li hurriedly vindicate.Han Li speaks for oneself with dance, after a burst of teeth and claws, south palace wan heart secretly burst a smile.Hey, sampler, let me show you something myself, so you can see what a dance is.Nangong wan personally stage, side also brought Chen Qiaoqian, ink color ring, Dong Xuan son to one side dance.Han Li heart a rin, what?It’s not Nangong giving me a hard time, is it?Choose four?Be in han li at that time ponder not thoroughly.Ghost lingmen took Zhong Wu to the stage, especially Zhong Wu this son, one foot kicked the ground, in the rhythm of elegant 360 degrees gorgeous turn, a picture of schadenfreude.Ha ha, also standing next to the emotional master Li Huayuan and Red Maple master zu, should be in support of Dong Xuan son, the mouth seems to be Shouting: together, together.A look at Han Li, the situation is wrong ah, the New Year, we can not lose the battle.Are you bringing in an old friend?Brothers and sisters, mengshan five friends, hurry to the stage to cheer.If nothing else, do a dance. We can’t lose momentum.Mengshan five friends of nature the most loyalty, happily lined up, the formation of the middle force to build base aura.Profiteer teacher uncle a look, right!That’s it, everybody jump with me.One-arm swing: Good, good, good!Xin Ruyin looks wrong, what?Han Li in numbers, look posture is to bully Nangong wan.Childe qi, come on, let’s help nangong sister together.Xiuxian female group was formally established.Nangong fairy immediately made a ghost spirit, small sample, afraid of it!On the occasion of xiuxian group PK hot dance, the bald man on the side finally came back to god.New Year’s day, finally don’t beat, change back, also learn a dance.Other study can’t, za body follow shake, both hands turn a circle I still can’t?Learn now sell now our first.Just when both sides are dancing and fighting.Tieluo flash, I do the judge, you this group of immortal, go to the square, to the square of the big position.Audience vote, barrage together, one key three, to see which dao friend is better.Within moments, the center of the palace’s vast square was filled with dancers.A look, Han Li has been standing in the absolute C center, it seems that “Han run” title is not in vain.On the escape card, I say second, no one dare to say first.Han Li smiled, looked complacent and nodded repeatedly.As if to say “everything is under control”.Han Li opened his hands, slowly turned around and made a greeting gesture.I saw, behind everyone, fireworks everywhere, colorful, firecrackers off, resounding in the sky.The sky flashed a string of characters: “I wish you all a happy family year of the Tiger! Mortal production group” in the mood of the occasion.No one knows, Han Li just whispered to Nangong Wan: “Wan ‘er, have you been surprised?”Nangong wan lips slightly up, lip lip whisper said 1: “you say?”Han Li smiles slightly…….Well, that’s the end of this reading.Follow-up wonderful story interpretation, welcome to continue to pay attention to fei Tian Xin Hong original interpretation of “Mortals Xiuxian Biography”, the original author forgot language.You and I are mortal, in the world, a way friends do vicissitudes of life!