“Local taste” always lead the local feeling!Ms. Liu resolutely returned home to eat the dumplings made by her mother

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Liu Yan, a native of Baicheng, has made her home in Tianjin since she retired in 2017.Retired life is pleasant. She lives in Dongli District of Tianjin, which has lotus ponds, parks and fitness places nearby. The large shopping mall nearby is also very convenient for shopping and leisure.Even if be such living environment, homesick, still be liu Yan heart cannot give up the complex.One day, her granddaughter said, tianjin has a lot of delicious food, tianjin is better.Liu Yan told her children that although Baicheng is not as prosperous and famous as Tianjin, there are dumplings she loves to eat in Baicheng, especially those stuffed with celery pepper and pickled cabbage made by her 80-year-old mother.In this way, near the Lunar New Year, Liu Yan and the whole family returned to the white city.Back home, Liu Yan told her mother that she wanted to eat her own dumplings.”It’s not easy,” said Liu’s mother. “There are ready-made dishes at home.In this way, Liu Yan in baicheng more than 10 days of time, consecutive eat several dumplings.Looking at the white fat dumplings under the pot, the kitchen steaming hot, Liu Yan feeling said, outside the day again good, not as good as the mother package of dumplings.”I was born and raised in Baicheng. After I retired, we settled in Tianjin based on my children’s idea.Tianjin also has dumplings, and various, but why not my mother made dumplings incense?I looked around and figured out why.First of all, no matter what we eat, what we eat is homely and affectionate. The longer we spend away from home, the more homesick we become.I don’t miss my mother’s dumplings so much as I miss her.”Liu Yan said that when she came to Tianjin, she compared the dumplings in Tianjin with those in Baicheng.Take pickled cabbage dumplings for example, the pickles made by Tianjin people are pickled with turnips and not through low-temperature fermentation, while the pickles made by Baicheng are pickled with Chinese cabbage. After low-temperature fermentation, the cabbage is preserved at low temperature. The cabbage is always in the fermentation period, and the sour taste and clear taste are maintained particularly well.This is the key to the difference in taste between Baicheng or Northeast Dumplings and pickled cabbage dumplings from other places.”Back in those days, buildings were still rare, and every family lived in bungalows. Whether it was a well or a house with a mansion, a large porcelain VAT was placed in the house, which was filled with pickled pickled cabbage, a necessary winter dish.Used to eat dumplings, comparable to luxury.Catch up with the Festival, just eat a meal, let alone eat “a bag of meat” dumplings.Even dumplings with vegetable fillings without meat are a delicacy.Now, there is no need to look forward to eating dumplings.The street is full of dumplings, white meat at home with desirable, cooking machine an open, and noodles can stir stuffing, dumpling skin on the market can also be bought everywhere, especially convenient dumpling.Eat dumplings, no longer need to stir up such relatives and friends to come to a meal, to express hospitality.Although Liu mother is old, but what is not ambiguous, and flour, stuffing, rolling skin, stuffing, a plate one eye, quick and clean, coupled with children and grandchildren in the side to help, not much effort, a curtain covered dumplings under the pot, a few roll up, hot hot fat dumplings on the table.Hot air coming, Liu Yan and the children can’t wait to gather around the table, regardless of hot, clip up to eat.The hot scene of eating hot dumplings really should be the saying: delicious than dumplings, comfortable than upside down.And 2022 this year, in the mother Liu dumplings and Liu Yan satisfied smile, more in the warmth of family reunion, opened the curtain…Source: Jilin Daily produced by author: Li Tongjun Chief editor: Meng Fanjie Shi Wei Han Tieying reprinted editor: Chuhui statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com