Jisco Gets off to a good start in production and operation in the first month of 2022

2022-07-28 0 By

New client in gansu jiayuguan (new gansu gansu daily reporter Xu Junyong) on January 26, the reporter from jisco group held in January 2022, the safe production operation scheduling conference, January, jisco group, the main products, including steel, electrolytic aluminum, aluminum rolling yield and the gross value of industrial output rose, revenue, profit is expected to overfulfil plan,Get off to a good start.In January, jisco group achieve good results in production and management, especially since the steel plate overall production, mining, mineral processing, coking, iron, energy power, storage and transportation system linkage, quickly units, various industry sector to cooperate, to safeguard group production and business development, realized one-month reaches producing standard HongXing co. LTD.,The opening rate of electrolytic cell of Dongxing Aluminum Company has reached more than 98.5%, Hongsheng Electric Heating Company has done its best to complete the task of power generation, and the group has completed the set goal.Reporter Xu Junyong editor in charge: Yang Chenyu