I chose Czechoslovakia because of this man

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Prague, known as the heart of Europe, is often described as the home of a fairy tale.Jay Chou also likes it here, shooting two MV here, one is cloudy and rainy “You can Hear”, the other “Love waste” is heavy snow.Charles Bridge and the Vltava River in Prague.Because of a song like a person, but because of a person to enrich the whole youth.How do you get 27 EU citizenship for hundreds of thousands?Teach you a move, do not spend too much money, do not have to prepare complex information, do not have to submit all kinds of proof of funds can obtain the citizenship of the most countries!In fact, as we all know, direct European countries such as France, Germany and other countries citizenship, approval requirements are very stringent.But we can through its nationality law policy and legal provisions, first apply for good intention of the country, then use its special EU membership to obtain access to other countries, these countries have a total of 31, through the process of one-step naturalization.As long as you are a citizen of any eu country, you can enter other EU member states such as France, Germany and Switzerland through the freedom of movement act.Those who have been resident for more than three months and become tax residents can apply for local residence and permanent residence.Do not understand the relationship between the EU can consult or Baidu.Parker talks about overseas every day with you to share more overseas advice