Huhu Healthy muscle fresh launch meeting of Dr. Xu Kai fans held in Shanghai

2022-07-28 0 By

On the afternoon of February 19th, the offline meeting of Dr. Allied xu Kai with the theme of “Tiger Tiger makes Flesh” was held at Shanghai Global Port as scheduled, and fans from all over got a close look at their idol.Hot fantasy IP “Snow Eagle Lord” just finished, and Yang Mi starring in the new play “love of the 20 law” is about to start, “Still eat” set on February 22, the beginning of the year of the tiger Xu Kai is strong, tiger tiger.Despite his busy schedule, Xu kai never forgets his appointment with customers of Micro ecological skin care brand Aier.”Tiger tiger muscle, start the New Year good state!”At the event, Xu Kai gave his “secret” to keep his works productive and switch between different roles from ancient costume male god to urban warm male.As an actor, first of all, he should have a dedicated and professional spirit, and he should deeply study the character’s design and personality, so as to comprehensively present the tension of the role and make the audience love the role rather than the actor himself.In addition to professional dedication and acting, a good actor’s health condition is also very important, especially the condition of skin. Therefore, Xu Kai always prefers Dr. Aier’s facial cleanser.”Allied Facial cleanser works well, gentle but not tight.”Xu Kai amway fans of his favorite Dr. Allied clean face honey.With aidou’s demonstration and tens of millions of users’ personal verification, Dr. Allied Beauty has been listed as the TOP popular model on e-commerce platform soon after its launch. Xu Kai is very pleased with this brilliant performance, and thus ushered in the first fan meeting of 2022.Dr. Allied is a rapidly rising domestic brand of Forida Biological In recent years, focusing on micro ecological science skin care.Relying on big freedia group three state-level scientific research platform and 14 provincial scientific research platform, Ai Dr. Micro ecology in recent years to build up the basic research as the core of “production, medical” innovation mode, with the Shanghai university of applied technology valley of eastern beauty institute jointly established ecological research institute, and the joint establishment of probiotics collaborative innovation center of shandong university,The company innovated and launched a number of patented ingredients such as lotus leaf flavonoids and brown algae, and produced probiotic milk, precursor essence, probiotic mask, cleanser and other core single products with sales of more than 100 million, becoming the pioneer of micro ecological skin care in China and the leader of technology trend.”The distance between Dr. Ai and the user is 44 centimeters, which is the distance of a close friend and lover.”At the event, Bai Tianming, vice General manager of Forida Biological Shares and founder of Allied Doctor brand, said that this vision has given Great energy to Allied Doctor, and thanks to the support and recognition of consumers, allied Doctor can achieve today’s results and walk more and more firmly.At the beginning of the New Year, Dr. Allied has carefully prepared this fan meeting to convey Dr. Allied’s care, care and love for consumers.”As time goes by, Aier is growing, we believe that only customized products belong to us, just as Jiemei is exclusive to Xu Kai.In the future, Dr. Allied will focus on scientific research and innovation to create more micro ecological products that will surprise users.””Said dawn.On the occasion of the Xu Kai fan meeting, the new Doctor Allied retail team also brought a three-day skin care salon and exquisite experience to Shanghai consumers.In recent years, Not only online sales become popular, but also offline flagship stores are actively deployed, reaching more than 200 nationwide, striving to achieve a greater breakthrough in 2022, exploring the integration mode of online and offline collaborative operation, leading the domestic skincare products consumption trend.