2-0.National football team or 25 years of shame record, Huang Jianxiang angry, 2 mouth criticism Li Xiaopeng

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Half 0 to 2, the scene is very passive, the players repeatedly eat yellow.Could you imagine that China would play so badly against Vietnam?After conceding 2 goals in a row, the morale of The National football team suffered a major blow.You know, the National football team (national team) since 1997, a total of six games against Vietnam, complete victory.But judging by China’s performance in the first half, a 25-year record of humiliation is on the way, with China visiting Vietnam in a group B clash in the round of 12.This game, the National foot discharged a set of attacking lineup.Among them, Wang Shenchao, Zhang Linpeng, Jiang Guangtai, Zhu Chenjie formed the defensive line, Xu Xin, Wu Xi double back, Wu Lei, Dai Weijun, Luo Guofu formed three attacking midfield, Alan a sudden advance.In the 9th minute, The Vietnamese team sent a long ball from the left to the penalty area. Du Xiongyong easily crossed the ball from the left. Hu Jincai rose high in the middle and beat Wang Shanchao to head in the goal.1-0, the Vietnamese team stole the show.The 15th minute, The National football team lost a goal again.Du Xiongyong bottom down triangle pass, Xu Xin is easily rid of ruan Jinling in front of the easy push through the open goal.0-2 for the first 15 minutes of the performance of the National foot, Huang Jianxiang angry, angry criticism way: this look defense……Will it be the Spring Festival Gala in Vietnam today?Famous mouth Chen Xirong and Su Dong repeatedly said, do not understand Li Xiaopeng’s tactics, from the performance of more than 10 minutes, tactics is obviously not suitable for national football team.The 29th minute, because of the passive scene, the National football team members are very anxious, the Vietnamese team players throw-in, Luo Guofu directly up to grab the ball, was blown by the referee foul.At the critical moment, Los Angeles is full of blood.In the 34th minute, Wu Lei broke through and crossed from the right. Wang shanchao made a bold assist to the penalty area and beat the defender with a header, but the goalkeeper easily confiscated it due to his light strength.In the 36th minute, China made a series of mistakes in the backcourt. Wang Shenchao, Xu Xin and Zhang Linpeng were fiercely pressed by the other team, resulting in continuous errors in handling the ball. China was very passive on the field.On the contrary, Vietnam in the two goals after the performance of very confident, high position to close down the board, fast counterattack also let the Chinese defenders busy.The 38th minute, China’s right offensive, Wu Xi crossed the middle, Alan in place to get rid of the other defenders after a volley, because of the power is too small, Angle is too right, again was easily confiscated by the goalkeeper.As a result of the passive scene, the national foot in the process of defense is very passive, Luo Guofu, Xu Xin and other people eat yellow cards.For the National football team this performance, the mouth su Dong said: feel the national football team members anxious to hit people.At the end of the half, the national foot is not only 0 to 2 behind, and the scene is very passive, to the mouth, Su East anger said: despair, this half of the game let a person see a little hope!