$1.6 billion!It is about the transformation of urban shantytowns in Pangong area

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Recently PangGong special urban shantytowns transformation projects in government bonds are issued in a successful initial release amount of 1.6 billion yuan urban shantytowns transformation projects in the interest rate 2.92% which means PangGong become this year the local government in zhuhai special bonds are issued in single largest urban shantytowns transformation projects in the project PangGong by a wholly owned subsidiary of the han river international trust &investment xiangyang city has updated investmentLimited Company (hereinafter referred to as urban renewal Investment) will carry out overall planning, and the houses to be built will be used to solve the demand for relocation within the area.The project is located in pangong Binjiang Ecological Business District (EBD) within 17.5 square kilometers, with a planned land area of 184,000 square meters, a total construction area of 385,000 square meters, and a total investment of about 4 billion yuan.The renovation project of Urban shantytown in Pangong District plans to make every effort to seize the investment scale of special government bonds and issue bonds worth 3.2 billion yuan during the 3-year construction period.Pangong Binjiang Ecological Business District (EBD) project is one of the “four key urban construction projects” widely concerned by municipal Party Committee, municipal government and all walks of life.The successful issuance of this government special bond provides an important source of funds for the project’s relocation and resettlement.In the next step, urban renewal Investment will further accelerate the preliminary work of urban shantytown reconstruction project in Pangong Area, and strive to start construction and complete the project as early as possible, so as to help people in the area realize their dream of settling down.The company will make full use of the government investment funds, build a platform, build a nest to attract phoenix, leverage more social capital, join forces to participate in the investment, development and construction of Pangong Area, to build Pangong area into an urban riverside ecological business district integrating ecology, business, culture, public services and living environment.Source: Cloud xiangyang