Wang Xiaotang: Countless post-60s are still graceful and strong at 88 after losing their children and husbands

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“Honor should not be the capital to pursue fame and wealth, but the power to move forward.”On December 20, 2021, 87-year-old Wang Xiaotang said at the honor ceremony of “Light and Shadow China”.Under the lens of her, but the appearance of half a hundred, gentle and elegant behavior, a twinkle and a smile, suddenly reappeared once upon a time by countless 60 hearts “white moonlight” elegant demeanor.Think, is the time especially favoring beauty, not willing to leave too much trace on the old artist, but fate has never mercy on her because of beauty.In 1974, dark clouds hung over Wang Xiaotang’s home. Her 18-year-old son Yan Qun contracted liver disease and died due to lack of timely treatment.When the bad news came, wang Xiaotang, who was stunned for a long time, responded and cried.No mother can accept the shock of losing her son after 18 years of nurturing.Trying to endure the grief, Wang Xiaotang and her husband yan Xiaopeng together to deal with their son’s affairs.However, the accident was too painful. After a long period of time, Wang Xiaotang could not get out of the grief of losing his son. He often looked at the items his son had used before his death, with sadness and regret in his eyes.When Yan Xiaopeng was worried about his wife, Wang Xiaotang returned to work in 1975.The love of show business collides with the grief of losing her son, pulling this strong woman out of the dark world, she once again throws herself into the work with enthusiasm and hope.She even turned down her husband’s offer to have another child.She did not want to repeat the mistake of losing her children, and did not want to lose her most precious acting years because of children.In fact, it had been nearly two decades since she joined the show business, and she had changed from a young girl in her prime to an ordinary middle-aged aunt.However, different from the current situation in the entertainment industry where middle-aged actresses have no market, wang Xiaotang is always able to devote herself to the performing arts career she loves no matter how old she is. This is her talent, but also her outstanding talent and ability.Wang xiaotang showed her unusual talent when she first appeared on the screen.In 1952, wang xiaotang was chosen by Huang Zongjiang at the age of 18. His almond eyes and excellent singing impressed them and they immediately invited wang Xiaotang to join the Beijing Opera Troupe.At this point, Wang Xiaotang set foot on his military journey.However, her mother did not support her daughter’s dream.Most parents all over the world are like this. They want their children to be successful, but they don’t want them to suffer or encounter any danger.Wang xiaotang’s mother came overnight from Hangzhou after learning that her daughter was going to join the army.First, she was worried about her daughter growing up in the south and not being able to withstand the cold in the north. Then, she was worried that her daughter’s personal safety could not be guaranteed after joining the army.After all, she is looking forward to Wang Xiaotang can give up the army this road, along with their idea of a safe life.But obediently obeying orders is never wang Xiaotang’s style, she rushed to comfort her mother, then without hesitation boarded the northbound train.Thus, in September 1952, Wang Xiaotang unconsciously took the most crucial step in his life.Wang Xiaotang thought, the fate of the hour hand also began to turn from this moment, after the ups and downs of life, when she looked back, but are pushing the clockwise rotation of the gear.In March 1954, Wang Xiaotang was transferred to the General Political Drama Troupe.But that’s not good news for her.Originally become wen Wu Kun disorderly do not block the dream of Peking Opera actor had to temporarily run aground, Wang Xiaotang can only listen to the transfer, came to the opera troupe.Although reluctant, wang Xiaotang did not complain and slack off.On the contrary, no matter in Peking Opera or drama, Wang Xiaotang has always been quite ambitious. She has ambition and goals, and she is more confident that the former Wang Xiaotang can make achievements in Peking Opera, and now Wang Xiaotang can also make a difference in drama.Holding such an idea, wang Xiaotang came to the opera more and more hard, five winter six summer practice is the normal in the eyes of everyone.Wang Xiaotang she knows too well that only down-to-earth efforts can make real achievements.However, the reality is far from simple as Wang Xiaotang thought. She has always been an extra in the opera troupe, and was naturally excluded from the selection of the leading actress.Wang Xiaotang is not convinced, she practiced hard day and night, self-conscious than the original heroine better qualified for the role of “Fengxia”.She has always been a straight temper, seeing the captain indifferent to her opinions, Wang Xiaotang simply wrote a letter to ding Li, the political commissar of the general Political and Art Troupe, questioning the unfair treatment in the selection of roles.But Wang Xiaotang did not know that the behavior of writing is against the discipline of the army, so bold behavior let many people were surprised, the team even opened a criticism conference for her, Wang Xiaotang also thoroughly in the troupe famous.Wang Xiaotang almost everything in the world is good and bad depend on each other, this unexpected “notoriety” but let the film “mysterious travel companion” director noticed her.The interview was quite satisfactory, such a good image, good skills of the actor is simply tailored for his play in the small Li Ying, immediately decided to take wang Xiaotang as the heroine of the film.In 1956, the dusty pearl faded its humble shell, and Wang Xiaotang finally appeared on the big screen she longed for most. Her role as Little Li Ying became a hit, and this pure and beautiful new actress completely became the unforgettable white moonlight in the hearts of the audience.Xiao Li Ying also became the starting point of Wang Xiaotang’s acting career. After that, she was invited to star in many films such as Frontier Fortress Wind and Fire, Die Hard, Sea Eagle, etc., creating one after another totally different but unique classic screen images for the audience.But Wang Xiaotang is well aware that his goal is not just at this, the explosion of a film for her to win the audience’s word of mouth, more she won the entertainment circle in the reputation.More and more directors asked her to star in their own films, but Wang began acting in a variety of scripts instead of being dazzled by the snowflakes.Wang Xiaotang just like when she first entered the drama troupe, Wang Xiaotang has always been clear about what she is pursuing. What she wants to do is not only a well-known actress who can frequently appear on the screen, but also she longs for her progress in performing arts career and the pursuit of her sublimation in art.Therefore, when receiving the script of “Wildfire Spring Breeze fights ancient city”, Wang Xiaotang finally found what he longs for most at the moment, a role with personality charm all the more contrary to previous screen image — a pair of twin sisters gold ring and silver ring.Facts also proved that Wang Xiaotang’s decision was not wrong, this film not only let her rely on the overwhelming advantage won the third Hundred Flowers Award best actress award, but also let her career completely on the peak.But surprisingly, wang’s first reaction to such a well-received film was not gratitude or excitement, but an apology. She wrote a nearly 20,000 word letter of apology to the audience, telling them frankly which scenes and actions she didn’t do well in the film.In wang Xiaotang’s own positioning and requirements, there is never the word “best”, she only pursues better.In particular, she has been eager to improve in the field of performing arts, her own requirements are almost strict.A tiny movement in front of the camera is the result of more than a dozen rehearsals. For just a few minutes of performance, Wang Xiaotang may even spend nearly a year trying to figure out the character’s psychology, expression and movement, just to show a better effect on the screen.Wang Xiaotang’s success and glory is never a gift given to her by god, but a reward for her hard work. She has also proved her life motto to others with her practical actions: where there is a will, there is a way.Wang Xiaotang but accident is abrupt unborn, the Wang Xiaotang that stands on career climax was poured cold water by destiny suddenly, all her single person works were denied, oneself and husband were driven out 81 factory, send to Beijing huairou county north stage forest farm to become forestry worker.However, this Waterloo did not erase her love and pursuit of art, her weak appearance is far beyond the tenacity of ordinary people.Despite the hard work of digging holes and planting trees every day, Wang xiaotang never complained. In the face of hardships, she still smiled and sang joyful songs with people around her, enjoying the beauty of life’s minor details.Her years as a forestry worker were seen as a rare insight into people’s lives.Wang Xiaotang ate, slept and worked with the most hard-working people at the grassroots level. This unforgettable experience became the material for her later creation, and also made her original vague thoughts gradually clear in her heart.What kind of art is she going to do?Wang Xiaotang finally got the answer to this question. What she wanted to do was to truly serve the people.Invitations from major production companies have become a decoration for Wang Xiaotang. Facing attractive conditions, she has always remained as unmoved as a silly giant.Others are not able to bear, in line with her good mentality, advised Wang Xiaotang do not adhere to, there are people to Wang Xiaotang’s husband yan Xiaopeng express hint, hope he can rely on “pillow wind” move Wang Xiaotang, let her accept the invitation of the production company.However, the couple were like two wooden pieces of wood. No matter how others tried to persuade them, they always turned a deaf ear.Wang Xiaotang knows that in order to serve the people as an art, he must return to the place where he truly serves the people.Speech small friends also clear, oneself as early as when understanding Wang Xiaotang, had seen the courage of rampage on her body, since his wife has ambitions, how can he become the stumbling block on her road.Fortunately, God did not disappoint Wang Xiaotang’s insistence, in March 1975, she finally returned to the Bayi Film studio.Returning to his hometown, the first thing Wang xiaotang did was write, direct and act in the film “Xiang”.Her years as a forestry worker taught her that she could not serve the people as an actress, who could not decide the script.Only when she can create the people’s plays and shoot the people’s films, can she truly serve the people.”Xiang” was born out of such an initial desire. After the successful release of the film, Wang Xiaotang officially became a feature film director and went to Hong Zehu for six times to shoot the film “Hometown”.The most real life of the people is revealed in the film by her, the heroic sacrifice of the young, open-minded and kind grandmother, these characters come from the people in life, and are shown to the people.Wang xiaotang has no doubt that the film’s true story and sincere emotions have led to rave reviews.The film also showed wang’s talent to his superiors, and in 1988, the General Administration appointed him deputy director of the Bayi Factory and awarded him the rank of senior colonel.Wang Xiaotang was not overjoyed, but begged the headquarters to allow her, let her only serve as deputy director for two years, the rest of the time she will be used to create people’s works for the people.Can not think of this position, a dry is four years, Wang Xiaotang from the deputy director of the factory became the director, from the senior colonel into a major general.She became the first female director of the Bayi Factory and a unique example in The history of Chinese cinema from an actress to a female general.After becoming the factory director, Wang Xiaotang had more power and faced more temptations, but her idea of “serving the people” in her heart never wavered, and her character of strict requirements for works did not change half.In the creation of wang Xiaotang’s works, wang Xiaotang often fell into quarrels with others because of his insistent opinions. Even if his works were slightly inadequate, he would seriously criticize the relevant personnel. It seemed that she had gone back to the time when she was an actress and she was willing to pay any price as long as she could do a good job.Wang xiaotang never felt hard, even though he watched the sample film without eating or sleeping, participated in every link of the film production, and even did not have time to drink water.Apparently, her efforts paid off.After wang Xiaotang modified the film, artistic appeal on a higher level.Rao’s colleagues who used to have disputes with Wang Xiaotang also had to give her thumbs up and sigh with emotion about her artistic level.In the face of her colleagues’ praise, Wang Xiaotang’s tough attitude in the debate disappeared. With a smile, she thanked her colleagues for their recognition and praised everyone’s contribution to the film.Wang Xiaotang always respects and cherishes every senior and colleague at work. Even if she is a newcomer, she will take more care of them and give them more guidance and training in her spare time.Come to think of, because she had been in the rain, so now also want to hold up an umbrella for those in the rain.However, the bad luck did not pass this in the eyes of all the diligence of the factory director.In 1992, Wang Xiaotang’s lover, Yan Xiaopeng, died.For Wang Xiaotang, it was like a bolt from the blue. Her husband was her last relative in the world and her last dependence after the death of her son. The departure of her husband not only meant that she was legally alone, but also meant that she was lonely in the spiritual world.Now she is alone, with nothing left but her love for art and her passion for serving the people.The loneliness of being alone and the grief of losing her son and husband are like a hot stove, which makes Wang Xiaotang stronger. As she once said, as long as a person does not fall down, he will not fall down no matter what.Wang Xiaotang gritted his teeth to overcome the grief and once again threw himself into the work.In 2001, Wang xiaotang wrote and directed the film Fragrant Oath, which depicts the affection and love of compatriots across the Taiwan Straits, and won the best screenplay award at the 21st Golden Rooster Film Awards.In 2002, Wang xiaotang was awarded the “Third Millennium International Award” in Italy for his great contribution to Chinese film making.As if to make up for the frustrations and hardships in the first half of wang Xiaotang’s life, so far, Wang Xiaotang has received numerous honors, including many awards for lifetime achievements.Wang Xiaotang, however, does not care about these things. She has retired and still pays close attention to the development of Chinese films.Occasionally participate in activities, in the camera captured by the media, the ups and downs of her life did not have the pride of her youth, leaving only a precipitation of years after the grace and tenacity, calm and plain.