Toyota is taking the unusual step of installing manual transmissions in electric cars

2022-07-27 0 By

Toyota appears to be exploring the idea of a manual transmission (MT) system for modern electric vehicles, at least according to several USPTO patents, and perhaps hints at Toyota’s next move in the ev market.Toyota manual transmission for electric vehicles, refers to the configuration control motor torque controller for electric vehicle, it also mentioned a shift reaction mechanism, when the driver operating the vehicle “shift” when shift reaction, offer similar to using the gear lever and the clutch pedal shift of the experience of manual gasoline-powered cars,It appears that Toyota’s EV MT design will also rely on similar tools to shift gears between gears, which the patent also refers to as “pseudo-shift lever,” “pseudo-shift lever,” and “pseudo-clutch pedal.”According to patent 20220041062A1, Toyota’s electric vehicle with a manual transmission will calculate motor torque and simulate the manual running mode of a conventional fuel vehicle:”In the first operating mode, the operation quantity of the simulated clutch pedal and the gear position of the simulated shift lever are input into the manual model to reflect the operation of the simulated clutch pedal and the operation of the electric simulated shift lever”.If you simply classify electric cars as automatic and manual, they function more like cars equipped with automatic transmissions, and manual transmissions are difficult to introduce in part because of the high torque they provide.While autonomous vehicles have steadily taken over the global car market, manual vehicles are still popular worldwide. According to Statista, four out of 10 light vehicles manufactured globally still have manual transmissions, while automatic vehicles account for about 34% of the global market.Cars with automatic transmissions make up the majority of the market in the U.S. and China, but cars with manual transmissions remain popular in Europe and parts of Asia, mainly because manual transmissions are usually cheaper than automatic transmissions and they are easier to maintain.One of the main reasons gear sticks are still popular is that they provide a better driving experience. Manual cars give drivers more control over how the car runs, thus providing an interesting and unique driving experience on the open road. In fact, people who like driving or racing usually prefer manual models.Toyota’s patent for a manual transmission appears to be for those drivers, and the company may want to make a manual electric car for those who like to drive.Of course, the final market response will have to wait until Toyota’s electric model with manual transmission is released.