The Fuzhou-Xiamen High-speed Railway Anbayan Bridge was successfully closed

2022-07-27 0 By

The newly-built Fuzhou-Xiamen High-speed railway Anhaiwan Bridge was successfully closed Thursday as the last steel box girder was successfully lifted into place, China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) said.It is also China’s first ballastless track sea-crossing cable-stayed bridge.The Bridge was designed by CRCC Tisiyuan and constructed by CRCC Bridge Bureau.The bridge is located in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, connecting Jinjiang city and Nan ‘an City, with a total length of 9.46 kilometers, including 1.56 kilometers across the sea.Anhaiwan Bridge, with a main span of 300 meters, is one of the three cross-bay Bridges on the entire fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed railway.In order to deal with the challenge of large deformation of long-span bridge structure, designers put forward the use of steel-concrete composite beam composed of concrete bridge deck and trough steel beam after repeated tests.”The light weight of the steel beams is suitable for the construction of long-span Bridges, and the concrete deck increases the rigidity of the bridge. The combination of the two meets the requirements of high-speed train passage.”Tiesiyuan deputy chief engineer Yan Aiguo said.Track is another important factor affecting the passage of high-speed trains on the bridge.The construction personnel adopted CRTS ⅰ type double block ballastless track with independent intellectual property rights in the bridge deck laying, and for the first time realized the laying of cast-in-place ballastless track on the high-speed railway bridge with span of 300 meters and speed of 350 kilometers per hour.In addition, because the Anhaiwan Bridge is located in a coastal zone with high wind speed, the designers reduced wind-induced vibration in complex wind environment through structural innovation, allowing trains to cross the bridge at 350 kilometers per hour in force 8 winds without wind barriers and other wind protection measures.The new Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed railway is the first 350km/h high-speed railway in Fujian province, with a total length of 277 km. When completed and opened to traffic, the journey between Fuzhou and Xiamen will be shortened to less than one hour, providing a strong impetus to build fujian’s one-hour economic circle along the coast.(FanXi)