I hope the epidemic will pass as soon as possible and I hope to live in a better house

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They all have a heart for reunion and are looking forward to the New Year.”I hope the epidemic will pass as soon as possible.””I hope to make more money and live in a better house in the New Year.”This is almost everyone’s New Year’s resolution, they are engaged in different positions, come from different places, shoulder different responsibilities.The Spring Festival is coming, and some of them are already on their way back home, but many may not be able to return because of the epidemic.What is common is that they all have a heart for reunion and are looking forward to the New Year.In 2022 on the eve of Spring Festival, China real estate news reporter walks into Beijing railway station, walk into people busy going office, went to the street, in the bustling returning tide for the nearly nostalgia qie heart, and those who can not return home still hold position determination, listening to them talk in the past year’s work, their life and look forward to.They are the microcosm of the society. Every emotion under the epidemic reflects the warmth of the society, and every dream of them is the driving force for the society to move forward.Hu Guohua, a decoration worker, hopes the epidemic will pass and he can make more money.As COVID-19 hit Beijing again on the eve of the Chinese New Year, Hu guohua hopes to make it back to his hometown in Liaoning province.In Beijing, there are tens of thousands of decoration workers like Hu Guohua, they are the decoration of the housing business, but in order to save money, save money, they would like to break into eight petals.”The place I live in Beijing is rented by my boss, and the environment is not good,” Hu said.In the New Year, Hu guohua hopes: “The epidemic will pass as soon as possible, and I also hope to make more money.”Li Ran: Reuniting with relatives is the biggest wish of Li Ran, who is from Jinan.Before this year’s Spring Festival, Li Ran took her baby in her arms and made a long detour from Qingdao to pick up her husband, who works in Beijing, before returning to Jinan with her.Although they have been married for several years, they have not found a house due to work and other reasons, so they both live in the dormitory provided by the company.In the New Year, Li Ran hopes that the epidemic will dissipate as soon as possible, and that he can make more money and buy a good house in Qingdao as soon as possible.For people like Li Ran, reuniting with relatives is the biggest wish.Ma Shijie: hope everyone health, tiger tiger unripe wei sitting in the waiting room of Ma Shijie, looking at the photo on the mobile phone smile.He told reporters that his hometown is Tengzhou, Shandong province, and he came to Beijing because his son and daughter-in-law work in Beijing.Over the past year, he has clearly felt the impact of the epidemic and his business is not doing well.In the New Year, he wished everyone good health, prosperity and prosperity.Li Kai: Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the construction industry has been greatly affected.Li Kai, who works for a construction company in Beijing, looked back on the past year with optimism. “The impact of the epidemic on work is still there, but it has improved a lot. All the targets set last year were met,” he said.In the New Year, Li kai hopes the society will be more stable, the epidemic will be over as soon as possible, and the production and operation of the company will be more smooth.Tao Jie, from Qujing, Yunnan Province, works on the Internet in Beijing. Over the past year, his work and life have not been affected much.Today, he still rents in Beijing, and although the rent is generally acceptable, it increases by 200 to 300 yuan or 300 to 400 yuan every year.As a gang, Tao Jie said: “Next year or two if there is a suitable opportunity to consider home property, after all, compared with Beijing housing price, Qujing 7,000-8,000 yuan/square meter housing price is easier to achieve.”His wish is that the epidemic will pass as soon as possible, the country will develop better and better, and everyone will live a happy and healthy life.Li Yun: If we buy a big house as soon as possible, our children can grow up more happily. Li Yun has become a father, and he has had more responsibilities and pressure in the past year.As a drifter in the north, Li yun has achieved his first small goal. A few years ago, he successfully bought a small apartment in Beijing, but with the birth of his child, it became clear that the family of three was not enough to live in, so he had to rent a bigger apartment.In the New Year, Li yun hopes that the epidemic will end soon, and that the family will have less burden and be able to buy a big house as soon as possible, so that the child can grow up more happily.”Since I don’t have a Beijing hukou, it will be difficult for my children to get into school in the future,” he said.In the future, I may consider buying an apartment and settling down in Tianjin to solve my children’s education problems.”Han Bing, a legal worker from Xingtai, Hebei province, said his industry has not been hit hard by the outbreak.A few years ago, Han Bing bought a house in his hometown.Now, he has been “drifting north” for three years, he rents a house in Beijing alone. Last year, the intermediary raised the rent once, but the range was not big. He thinks the rent of more than 2,000 yuan per month in Beijing is acceptable.In the New Year, he hopes the epidemic will end soon and everyone can be safe, healthy and happy.Dressed in pink, Gao LAN is well past retirement age, but she remains young at heart.She now works as a general cleaner in an office building in Beijing, and enjoys climbing and hiking in her spare time.Over the years, she not only climbed every mountain in Beijing, but also traveled over half of China.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, although cleaning work is facing greater risks and pressure, But Gao LAN did not retreat, always stick to their post.In the New Year, she has three wishes: she hopes everyone can overcome the epidemic, she hopes her son will work better and better, and she hopes she can continue to climb mountains every weekend.Gao LAN is not familiar with real estate in her life, and her intuitive feeling is that housing prices are still very high.Du Yu: With her brother in Beijing to rent a house, the house is still far away from the epidemic, engaged in network work, just entered the society for less than a year in Henan girl Du Yu feel a lot of pressure from work.Now, she rents an apartment with her brother in Beijing and has just started a job, so she doesn’t have much idea about buying a house.In the New Year, she said with a smile that she did not want to find a boyfriend, but hoped that she could be “suddenly rich”.Huang Xia, from Tonghua, Jilin province, has been drifting north for nearly 10 years.She just moved to a new job as a sales assistant, and the pandemic hasn’t affected her work much.Looking at the high housing prices in Beijing, Huang xia gave up her idea of buying a house.Today, she still rents in Beijing, which is not expensive because she lives far away.She said her New Year’s biggest wish is to work hard, to successfully pass the probation period, as soon as possible.