“Meridian health” a place through, thighs, stomach and back were actually thin, spleen and stomach

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Spleen and stomach disorders can cause obesity, and in fact, not only spleen and stomach disorders can cause obesity, liver and gallbladder disorders can also cause obesity, it is usually reflected in the inside and outside of the thigh, as well as the sides of the waist, long fat.If you belong to liver and gallbladder disorder, might as well try beating.Clap liver classics: clear thigh inside fat!Scraping the liver meridian is actually pushing the liver meridian of the inner thigh with the root of the palm.Every night when you sleep, push the liver meridian 300 times from the root of your thigh to near your knee.Learned to beat friends, you can directly beat the inner side of the leg liver meridian, beat vertical to the skin deeper penetration, but also play the same frequency resonance, the effect is better.The Liver Meridian, also known as the Foot Jueyin Liver Meridian, has 14 acupoints (28 points on the left and right sides) on one side: Datun, Xingjian, Taichong, Zhongfeng, Ligou, Zhongdu, Geniguan, Ququan, Yin Bao, Zuswuli, Yin Lian, Jiemai, Zhangmen, and Shimen.Simply put, the inner thigh, the root of the thigh to the knee.Knock gallbladder classics: clear thigh lateral redundant flesh!The gallbladder meridian of the lateral thigh has a natural sign, which is the position of people’s trouser line.To get rid of the fat in this area, just tap it with your knuckles.Because these points are in the muscle layer below the skin, not on the surface of the skin, so when beating, the strength should be able to penetrate into the muscle.Only by beating as above can the effect be truly obvious.The gallbladder Meridian is also called the Foot Shaoyang Gallbladder Meridian, a total of 44 points, 88 points left and right.Prompt you to stand up, fingertips along the side pants to the knee that line, in fact, is mainly knocked huan jump, wind city, Du, knee Yang guan four points.To remove excess weight from your waist, tap the veined area!Once we said, with pulse impassability, the lower abdomen will be fat.If there is fat on the waist, you can knock on both sides of the waist with the pulse area, here is the position of the liver and gallbladder meridian, like a belt around the human body, so as long as you knock on the pulse, you can knock down the fat on both sides of the waist.Knock belt pulse is very simple, as long as lying flat, hold an empty fist, every day insist on beating 300 times, from light to heavy, with comfortable, soon these “swimming circle” naturally go down.The meridians intersect three points, namely Daimai (the same name acupoint of daimai), Wushu and Weidao (Foot Shaoyang Meridian), with six points left and right.Simply put, it is the position of the waist, when lying down, the fat on the back will be squeezed to the waist, that is, there is fat, that is the thinnest point of the waist.And if you are the long fat that the spleen and stomach maladjusted cause, can reconcile with the following method!The spleen transport and transformation disorder: push the spleen on the left leg through the spleen transport and transformation disorder can also cause obesity.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen is the main transport, which is to change the food absorbed in the body into micro nutrients into blood.At the same time, fresh blood to every part of the body.If it doesn’t reach the extremities, there will be bruises and piles of garbage.Therefore, the process of transportation and transformation of the spleen is the process of removing garbage from the body and bringing forth the new, that is, the process of fresh qi and blood driving out the deposited garbage.Some people say: “how do I know because of spleen dysfunction caused by obesity?”Spleen deficiency can cause abdominal distension normally, eat a meal namely belly bilges, even if some people do not have a meal, but belly bilges to the afternoon, still have the person to sleep at night always drool.These are the poor transport function of the spleen.To strengthen the spleen in time, in order to solve these problems.Invigorating the spleen can be done by pushing the spleen meridian.In addition to the general weight loss, but also reduce the legs, small abdominal fat, these are the spleen by the main.The spleen meridian in the medial leg of this section of the acupuncture point many, but also the easiest to find.When you pinch the inside of the leg bone, you will find some pain points. These pain points are acupoints.The spleen blockage, these acupoints will be very sensitive, very painful, then it is necessary to rub.In addition, kneading the spleen meridian on the left side has the best effect.Because there is a general rule: for example, if the liver is on the right side, rub the liver meridian on the right side more;The heart is on the left, and the pericardium should be kneaded on the left.Stomach dysfunction, kneel down!Stomach disorders, such as eating something blocked in the stomach, subtle indigestion.At this moment can use one of the simplest method-kneel knee law.It is on the bed, or on the floor mat, kneeling every day to walk, can help the stomach function back to normal.If you walk on your knees every day, all the qi and blood will run away from your stomach first, and the excess flesh will be taken away and excreted.Not only will you lose weight, but those with knee injuries and arthritis will also get better.Large intestine dysfunction causes obesity: knock on the large intestine if the absorption of things can not be timely into the blood, will become fat fat accumulation in the human body.There is constipation, can also cause the body garbage can not go out.If the large intestine is dysfunctional, you have a lot of reaction points on your arms.At this time, to often beat the arm of the front of the large intestine, not only can reduce the arm fat, but also can improve the problem of constipation.Tapping the large intestine has additional benefits for the elderly.Because the large intestine belongs to the channel of qi and blood, if the elderly feel old shoulder pain, often knock on the large intestine, the qi and blood of the shoulder will be sufficient, which is very good for the prevention and treatment of shoulder pain.It’s simply a slap on the front of the arm.Small intestine dysfunction: Pinching the inside of the arm the function of the small intestine is digestion and absorption.If it’s weakened, you get a flabby lump of flesh along the path of the small intestine below the inside of the arm.In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, the heart and the small intestine, the small intestine meridian function is weakened, the heart to the small intestine meridian blood supply is insufficient, and the heart function will also appear problems.How do you solve it?It’s simple. Raise your hand in salute, and then pinch the inside of your arm with your belly fingers.Thumb is the location of the heart meridian, the other four fingers pinched stomach is the location of the small intestine meridian.Pinch when must be next to pinch, pinch side pinch side pinch, rub, go from the armpit to the elbow, has been rubbing to the forearm.If you do this every day, you will not only lose weight here, but also improve the function of blood supply to the heart.In addition.Shoulder pain, cervical spondylosis will be solved accordingly.So friends who work in front of the computer for a long time should often knead the heart meridian and small intestine meridian.Heart disorders can also cause obesity!Obesity is easy to cause the heart overburden, conversely, poor heart function will also cause obesity, the two is a vicious circle.As I said before, the cause of obesity is that the garbage in the body cannot be transported out, and accumulates in the body.Only fresh blood can carry it away, and the driving force for fresh blood is the heart.Heart power is strong, qi and blood have strength, can absorb and clear out the fat.How do you know obesity is weak because of heart function?In fact, there are some signs that can be seen, such as sleep at night when often feel suffocated, need to open the window, such a person’s heart function is weak.There is a few steps up the stairs on the breath, heart function is not good.How to solve this problem?Just rub the pericardium meridian with your thumb every day.Extend your arm in front of you. The line from your armpit to your middle finger is the pericardium meridian.When kneading, the heart function is poor or people with slight blockage of the cardiovascular system will find corresponding pain points on it.At this point, be sure to rub the pain point away.Bladder meridian disorder: back, hip long fat bladder meridian in the back of the body.The back, buttocks, hind legs, and the outside of the feet are bladder meridian circulation positions, like the back, buttocks, fat, are bladder meridian problems.The common problem with bladder meridian is that the body’s cold tends to accumulate there.Because it’s the body’s barrier against the cold.According to Traditional Chinese medicine, “wind comes in from the back of the neck and cold comes in from the sole of the foot”, that is to say, wind and cold come in from the bladder.So many people’s back and buttocks feel like a layer of cotton, no texture, this is caused by wind and cold accumulation.How to clear the back bladder meridian on these fat?The point is to get out of the cold!The best way to dispel cold is to scrape the bladder meridian on the back.If someone does not like scraping, you can also use cupping, massage, chiropractic, moxibustion method, the purpose is to clear the cold back.The method of eliminating fat on the buttocks is lying on the stomach, and beating the buttocks with sha palm, which can achieve the effect of weight loss on the buttocks, but also can discharge the cold air on the buttocks.Still have, thigh hind side, calf belly on fat can use flap method to eliminate.Editor: Journal of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Nursing Correspondent: Gong Xinyu, Qin Shasha, Sun Lei