Yanfeng: We must guard the line of defense to ensure the normalization of epidemic prevention and control

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Yanfeng: Guarding the people’s safety line to ensure the normalization of epidemic prevention and control Hengyang Yanfeng District Party Secretary, Yanfeng District Forest chief Wang Yan (female) unannounced inspection of forest fire prevention and normalization of epidemic prevention and control work.Rednet moment Hengyang April 6 news (correspondent Gao Shuguang Hu Huan Ouyang Min reporter Jiang Nan) April 5 morning, Hengyang City Yanfeng District Party secretary, Yanfeng District Lin Wang Yan in-depth Yueping town mountain mountain car copper cemetery hill, Huangguashan cemetery hill and the elderly apartment and other places, unannounced inspection of forest fire prevention and normal epidemic prevention and control work,And visited the line of duty guard personnel.In the mountain village, Wang yan and his delegation inspected the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures such as health code inspection and mask wearing, and inquired in detail about the specific situation of people on duty and returning to their villages.She pointed out that the qingming Festival is a time of great pressure in epidemic prevention and control, so people must be screened in strict accordance with standards and regulations, and measures such as check codes, body temperature and nucleic acid test reports must be strictly implemented to effectively control the epidemic.At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen publicity and education, adhere to changing customs, become vulgar, vigorously advocate flowers, public offerings, mourning and other civilized and healthy sacrificial behavior, to ensure that there is no forest fire caused by burning paper on graves.Later, wang yan to the elderly apartment prior supervision epidemic prevention and control work, she told endowment, head of the agency, to continue to strengthen the prevention and control measures, strictly implement closed management, strict disinfection, open a window ventilated, insist on doing daily old man body temperature measurement, and guide in the old man can’t pay attention to personal hygiene, wash hands often, cluster, ensure that in the old man was safe.Wang urged all departments at all levels to step up epidemic prevention and control during the Qingming Festival holiday, pay close attention to migrants and strengthen control measures to ensure the implementation of epidemic prevention and control work.We should have a clear understanding of the situation, consolidate responsibilities, strictly implement the on-duty and situation reporting systems, comprehensively strengthen forest fire prevention and control inspections, strengthen control measures, and make preparations for emergency response.At the same time, we must do a good job in road traffic and other safety work and guard the safety line of the people.(Gao Shuguang, Hu Huan, Ouyang Min, Jiang Nan)