Why is Mongolian so popular?Netizens described her as humorous, professional and down to earth

2022-06-20 0 By

During the Winter Olympics, wang Meng’s name became a hot search whenever there was commentary of her. In the first peak match of short track speed skating, Wang Meng became popular on the Internet for saying, “No need to replay, my eyes are rulers.”In the semifinal of men’s 5000m short-track relay, Li Wenlong fell off the ice after receiving the baton. Wang Meng didn’t see the replay, and immediately fell to the ground, he judged that it was a knife kick, and continued to slide steadily into the final. The result was exactly the same as the judge’s decision.Wang Meng won three short track speed skating gold MEDALS in the Vancouver Winter Olympics, and has won a total of four Olympic gold MEDALS in her career. She is the Chinese athlete who has won the most winter Olympic MEDALS.After retirement, Wang meng served as the head coach of the national short track speed skating team, and he is very familiar with Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei and others.But why do people like Wang Meng so much?On the one hand, she can show her professional ability and expression ability perfectly.There is to let you know the athletes in the subtle technical changes on the field, reveal some of the athletes personality, life on the little secret.A netizen said, good vision, and dare to say, so just.Regular hosts are too restricted by rules and regulations.For example, there was a rule years ago that no matter what game you were commentating on, a football commentator could not question a call.It is also a skill that a qualified commentator might be able to describe the two matches between Korea and Spain and Italy in the 2002 World Cup as fair play.5000 meters team speed skating Wang Meng is a super god!The Canadian team kicked the Chinese team, Wang Meng immediately judged that the Chinese team must be sentenced to the final!She said she spent more than two hours with the international referee asking for details!A major is a major!In fact, she spoke very professionally. The audience learned the rules of short track speed skating, so someone should learn them.Speak by the rules and silence those hypocritical Korean media.She is humorous, professional and down-to-earth. Her crosstalk doesn’t require scriptwriting or rehearsals.Passionate commentary, from the deep love of short track speed skating!Mongolian language is based on his open and frank personality and irresistible personal charm.Professional sports are supposed to be explained by professional people, and those who have been in the sport explain better.