There’s a touching reason why a 6-year-old boy walked onto a highway alone

2022-06-20 0 By

A boy walking alone in the car to car to high-speed GongLuKou reason is warm heart recently, citizen wu in high-speed entrance “pick up” a boy boy didn’t want to say family information Mr. Wu had to send him to the police station for help the original 6 year old boy to walk alone my grandma’s police asked the boy why boy sobbed in such a hurry to find grandma “a year didn’t go to my grandma’s,Kind of miss her!”Policeman: “do you know how to go to grandma’s house?”The boy’s face serious way: “I know!Changshen Expressway, Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway ningluo expressway……Finally walk more than 10 kilometers, “the police search destination found 200 kilometers before his parents took him back at the age of 6, he actually silently remembered the name of the highway serious boy lovable police patiently told him not to sneak out so that parents and grandmother in their hometown is very worried about laterPolice on the boy’s parents waiting for the arrival of the parents at the same time that the boy didn’t eat lunch police then took the boy to fill the stomach very quickly The boy father rushed to the police station to see children safe and sound hanging heart finally put down there is a kind of thought not But in the heart all the police suggest parents timely understanding of children’s mental needs and at the same time to cultivate a child’s safety awareness