The man was found guilty of stealing mining stones and punished for several crimes

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Justice network Sanming April 7 (correspondent Zheng Shixian Xiao Xi) a man was found to steal mining stone, to avoid legal responsibility, instigate a friend to help “top package” was discovered, eventually escape legal sanctions.Recently, the Fujian Province youxi County procuratorate filed a public prosecution, the court to illegal mining crime, nuisance to testify several crimes and sentenced xiao to six months in prison, and a fine of 20,000 yuan.In March 2020, Xiao in the absence of a mining license, with generators, impact drilling, hammer and other tools, to the mine illegally mined lead and zinc ore.On July 12 of the same year, Xiao hired people to transport ore from the mine to sell when the police were seized on the spot.After identification, stolen ore value of more than 100 thousand yuan.After the incident, Xiao in order to avoid criminal responsibility investigation, instigated a friend Jiang mou to the public security organs to make false proof, falsely claimed that the seized four cars of lead and zinc ore in two cars is Jiang mou stolen mining income.Youxi county prosecutor’s office after review that XiaoMou in violation of the provisions of mineral resources, mining license without authorization mining, mining of the ore in total value of 112712 yuan, if the circumstances are serious, the act violating the provisions of paragraph 1 of article three hundred and forty-three of the criminal law, criminal fact is clear, evidence really, fully, the criminal responsibility shall be investigated by illegal mining crime.Xiao mou instigated others to make perjury, its behavior violates the provisions of the first article 307 of the criminal law, the facts of the crime is clear, evidence is indeed, sufficient, should be investigated for criminal responsibility to the obstruction of testimony crime.Xiaomou in the judgment before the announcement, a person committed several crimes, should be several crimes and punishment.After the final trial, the court adopted the sentencing proposal of the procuratorial organ and made the above judgment.Source: Justice Network