The gas cap on the car actually hides these three functions

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The car as a modern means of transportation, I believe that the majority of owners of their own car is also like the palm of their hands.Beyond the basics of driving, it is clear what each button on the console represents.It is a good thing that car owners are familiar with their cars. If there are some small problems, they can solve them quickly.The driving technology and the basic function of the car are the foundation that must be mastered, and for some common sense issues, many people tend to ignore do not care!When we go to the gas station to refuel, it is usually the staff to open the lid of the fuel tank for us to refuel. Therefore, many people choose to ignore the lid of the fuel tank.But it has a lot of useful information, if you know the information, the maintenance of the car, the use of a lot of benefits.1, fuel standard car, the use of gasoline is different, this is like our mobile phone is different, charger is also different.As car owners probably know, filling up the wrong tank can have a serious impact on the car.In our daily life, we often hear that some luxury cars have the wrong gas.In fact, in order to avoid the occurrence of this situation, car companies in the production of cars, will be on the cover of the fuel tank labeled.2, the tire pressure car fuel cap in addition to the fuel label, and the tire inflation pressure sign, I believe that we are familiar with the tire pressure, which is related to our driving safety.Air pressure is the root of the tire, pressure is too high or too low, will affect the life of the tire.The lid of the fuel tank is marked with pressure instructions and changes in the car’s load, which many drivers don’t notice.Especially when running at high speed, because the car tire pressure is insufficient or too high, causing the phenomenon of tire explosion, a lot of people on the car, it is likely to lead to car destruction.So if you don’t understand, be sure to open the lid and read the instructions.If you know enough, you can greatly extend the life of your tires.3, exhaust vents do not underestimate the exhaust vents here, when it rains, the rain is easy to follow the body into the tank cover.If the vent is blocked, rainwater is likely to flow directly into the tank. Think for yourself.So in peacetime must develop a good habit, often check the vent here.Under normal circumstances, it can be divided into the following three opening methods: 1. Press open the general compact family car, which adopts this opening method, which is relatively simple, and can only be opened after the vehicle is started or a key is inserted or unlocked, otherwise it cannot be opened.2. Open the switch in the car for cars with higher grades, it is set to open the button in the car.The downside is that a lot of people forget to turn off the fuel, which is very dangerous.Be sure to turn off the engine and refuel.3, the key to open a lot of older cars, are using the key to unlock the way to open the fuel cap, there is a drawback, it is easy to steal oil.Ok, the above is about the car fuel tank cover knowledge, you learn?