Putin: West accuses Russia of ‘provocative’ invasion of Ukraine

2022-06-20 0 By

Moscow, February 12 (Xinhua) — French President Emmanuel Macron called His Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and the two discussed the situation in Ukraine and the issue of providing security guarantees to Russia, the Kremlin press Service said in a statement on Tuesday.”Putin and Macron also discussed the provocative hyping of alleged Russian plans for an ‘invasion’ of Ukraine, accompanied by the massive flow of modern weapons into Ukraine to create a pretext for possible aggressive actions by Ukrainian forces in the Donbas region,” the circular said.Russian leaders pointed to western reluctance to push the Kiev government to implement the Minsk agreements as evidence of the lack of results from the Normandy Talks in Berlin on February 10.In addition, Putin again drew attention to the lack of a meaningful response from the United States and NATO to Russia’s security assurance initiative.French President Emmanuel Macron told Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday that “sincere dialogue” was not compatible with an escalation of the situation.Mr Putin told Mr Macron that Western accusations that Moscow planned an “invasion” of Ukraine were “provocative hype” that could lead to conflict there.The French and Russian presidents spoke for an hour and 40 minutes and both said they wanted to continue their dialogue on how to “advance the Minsk agreements” in the restive Donbass region and on “security conditions and stability in Europe,” the report said.But like Washington, France has not reported any visible progress in the talks.A French presidential official said Putin did not say he was ready to invade Ukraine in a phone call with Macron on Tuesday.The official said there was no indication from Mr. Putin’s phone call with Mr. Macron that Russia was preparing an offensive against Ukraine.”We have seen no indication from President Putin that he is going to attack.That said, we are now on high alert to Russia’s [military] posture to avoid the worst.”