Is it a waste of resources to build pet shelters?

2022-06-20 0 By

Pet pod. Have you seen it?Shenzhen has set up its first “pet shelter” — a centralized pet care center, which provides free care for the pets of quarantined people, observation care, health testing and medical security services.Some people like it and some people doubt it.So, how should we treat such “square cabin” on earth?There has been a lot of concern about what to do with the pets of quarantined people.On March 17, a resident of Shenzhen posted a message asking for help for his stranded pet during quarantine.”Small pets can be accompanied by quarantine, and large dogs are being placed in the study,” said Shen Xiaowei, one of the most popular searches in China.On March 18, two “pet care stations” were set up to receive pets from quarantined people.Soon after, Shenzhen announced that it would set up a centralized pet care center.It is reported that the center is located in guangming District, Guangming Street Daojing community, an area of 1,500 square meters, after the official operation, can take care of dogs, cats and pets free of charge of the maximum capacity of 300.”As the country’s first solve COVID – 19 centralized quarantine personnel pet custody and risk control problem of pet custody center, shenzhen pet centralized custody center will rely on resources, management, technology and the core advantage, to provide a safe, rest assured the pet hosting service, guarantee COVID – 19 city centralized quarantine personnel during the epidemic prevention and control of pet and effective operation of the centralized managed and risk control work.”02 “pet cabin” has aroused public concern, and netizens have opened up a controversy about it.”Shenzhen, why do you poke people’s tears like that?Who wouldn’t be moved by it!””Great!This is the charm of advanced civilization, shenzhen can attract talent, because these places do well.In some cities, it’s ironic…””Epidemic prevention resources are limited,” said another. “It is not affordable for ordinary places to provide baymax, nucleic acid testing and feeding for animals.”Don’t tell me that cats and dogs are also lives. When it comes to public interests, no life is equal to humans.”In fact, it has been seen in other cities before that pets have been killed because their owners have been quarantined.At that time, there was a constant debate about this. Some people said that pets were family to owners and should not be treated harmlessly.Some people think that the current epidemic needs to kill decisively, in order to prevent future diseases.How to treat “Pet Shelter”?Hot spot bacteria believe that pets do belong to the family in a sense for their owners. Taking care of them is also equal to giving care to their owners.From this point of view, even if we do not talk about the human and animal life is more important than the question, the quarantine people should be treated with a responsible attitude towards their pets.On the other hand, under proper cost control, building a “pet shelter” is not necessarily a “losing business.”Although there is currently no evidence of novel coronavirus transmission in pets, keeping them in centralized custody is certainly more secure in breaking the chain of transmission.What’s more, if you really kill all pets in the epidemic area and harmless processing, calculate down the need for compensation and human and material inputs, is also a costly expenditure.To sum up, “pet cabin” waste of resources said, it is difficult to stand.