Chinese enterprises have participated in the construction and operation of the largest modern sewage treatment plant in Bangladesh

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A panoramic view of the completed Dasher Gandhi Sewage Treatment Plant, Bangladesh.A panoramic view of the Dasher Gandhi Sewage Treatment Plant in Bangladesh.Power house shall be built for the figure Beijing, chengdu, April 1 (reporter Liu Zhongjun) reporter on April 1, we have heard from China in turbine survey design institute in chengdu, by its design and construction general contracting construction, and take 1 year operations of Bangladesh scheer Gandhi sewage treatment plants have been handed over to the certificate issued by the owners, officially entered the production operations.It is understood that the dasher Gandhi Sewage Treatment Plant project started construction on August 1, 2017. The project mainly includes the off-site sewage lifting pump station, sewage transport main pipe, sewage treatment main plant (500,000 tons/day) and sludge drying incineration system (580 tons/day).”Overcoming many factors such as dengue fever, terrorist attacks and COVID-19, all the builders stayed at the site for nearly five years and successfully delivered the project.”Hao Yuanlin, general manager of PowerChina Chengdu Engineering Design and Research Institute, said dasher Gandhi is a very large turnkey sewage treatment design and construction project, and there are few similar projects undertaken by Chinese companies overseas.The Dasher Gandhi project is the first and largest modern large-scale sewage treatment plant in Bangladesh and the largest single sewage treatment plant in South Asia to date. It is the first time that a sewage treatment plant and a sludge incineration plant have been built and put into operation simultaneously in the same sewage treatment plant area in Bangladesh.It is also the first time that China’s independent intellectual property rights “spray drying + rotary kiln incineration process” technology and equipment have been built and put into operation overseas.Huang He, chairman of Power China Chengdu Survey and Design Institute, said the dasher Gandhi Sewage treatment plant will be able to treat nearly 5 million people’s sewage in dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, every day, and will greatly improve the situation of water pollution in the surrounding area.Source: