18 consecutive pension increases for 2022!Shanghai and Hebei have officially declared!In many places, residents’ pensions will also rise

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2022 pension will 18 even higher, now there is no suspense, because in hebei province on January 17, in the fifth session of the thirteenth National People’s Congress (NPC) has been clear about the improve retiree basic pension, on January 20, the 15th in Shanghai sixth people’s congress meeting, officer, also made a plan as a whole higher pensions, health care, such as low wage level of social security.In less than five days in a month, two pension increases have been announced, which will be a reassuring step for retirees.However, from the two reports, or there are differences, Hebei province mentioned is the basic pension, can be understood as the basic pension of workers and urban and rural residents may have to rise,;Mentioned Shanghai rising pension two words it is worth noting that the “overall planning” and “social security”, the employee pensions implements the provincial plan as a whole, complete coverage of urban and rural residents pension is not, and is worth five insurance of social security, at present mainly enterprises and institutions, and some of the personnel of flexible obtain employment of the city can pay, according to the analysis of Shanghai’s work reportThis year basically can be sure to rise is the worker pension, but urban and rural residents pension can rise or an unknown.Ningxia announced that it will continue to raise the standard of residents’ pension by 5 yuan per person per month from 2022 to 2025, benefiting 48 people in the region.But this is not the only standard in the province, cities, districts and counties can adjust on this basis, that is to say, the minimum increase to 5 yuan, it is expected that by 2025, the basic pension of urban and rural residents in Ningxia will reach about 230 yuan per month.Starting from January, the pension of suzhou urban residents will be raised to 630 yuan per person per month, covering about 42,100 people in the district. After the adjustment, the basic pension will be 654 yuan per person per month.For the elderly will be tilted care, 65 years old, 70 years old, 75 years old, 80 years old above, each month respectively additional 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 20 yuan, 30 yuan.Extend time is 15 days, that is to say, should already have been extended to the pension account of the old man of urban and rural residents now, if not received, should be reflected to social security agency orgnaization in time.The pension of changzhou residents has increased for 13 consecutive years. Starting from January 2022, the pension standard for residents will be 400 yuan.Guizhou province held the fifth session of the 13th National People’s Congress, required to raise the minimum standard of basic pension for urban and rural residents from 98 yuan per month to 113 yuan, that is to say, a monthly increase of 15 yuan;In sichuan province, although there is currently no specific adjustment file, but at the end of last year issued the “notice”, is a matter of issued 2022 ahead of the central and provincial financial aid budget index of primary endowment insurance, urban and rural residents of the central subsidies has to account, then the distance adjustment of urban and rural residents in 2022 pensions, will be closer and closer.After the increase in the pension, urban and rural residents should pay attention to two things in order to receive the money normally:First, pay attention to the pension certification time pension certification more city has been launched in 2022, cangzhou requirements of urban and rural residents basic endowment insurance pay to receive treatment of staff, make offerings to relative for personnel certification once every six months, namely to certification two times a year, in the first half of the time for January 10 solstice on April 30, in the second half of the time for July 31 October 10 solstice;Luliang Lishi area certification time is January 10 – March 31, these belong to the way of natural year certification, there are some areas to take the way of non-natural year deferred certification, such as Taibai County requires 12 months for a certification cycle, during the certification, will suspend pension.Suspended after comparing the trouble is, the month can’t send money, belong to the late certification, certification after successful usually have to wait until next month to recover and reissue, residents’ pension level is low, a few hundred dollars a month is mostly, the farmers’ life is very poor, if stop hair again during the month, this month will be very sad, especially in January and the Spring Festival, the time when the cost is high,No money is a headache.Second, pay attention to the pension mode changes to the end of October last year, China’s social security card card number has reached 1.349 billion, more gradual conversion old-age pension social security card, urban and rural residents have region this year to implement the measures, such as small cloth from county requires, already dealt with enterprise worker endowment insurance, the personnel of emeritus formalities of urban and rural residents endowment insurance,The bank that receives pension is the same as the bank that issues social security card, but does not receive pension through social security card, from January 2022, retirement benefits will be issued through social security card, what will be the impact on retirees?First of all, social security card to receive pension, more convenient, because only need to take a social security card to go out to buy medicine and shopping.Second, if the original card associated with deduction of the project, will remember to bank for transfer to the social security card or deduction of the process, because pension play to social security card, after the original bank card have no money, will not be able to continue deduction, is likely to cause payment overdue, so now haven’t deal with this matter will go to do.