Zhongshan district: field first line supervision escort spring ploughing preparation

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Zhongshan District Baohua town discipline inspection commission staff in-depth field, field to understand the masses of spring farming production situation “Uncle, how is the spring farming material reserve this year?Can the corn and potatoes be planted on time?”Recently, baohua town, Zhongshan district commission for Discipline Inspection staff went deep into the field, to the town of Alhe community farmers Yang Zheneng asked their difficulties in the production of spring farming, and detailed understanding of the relevant departments in the production of spring farming performance.Nowadays it is spring ploughing preparation, the field of early spring, a busy scene.Zhong shan district discipline inspection organs around the spring farming preparation production requirements, take without warning, indefinite lines, random inspection, sinking a line, face to face with the masses, deep into the fields, industrial base and agricultural service center, etc., through the check data, enter a visit, to follow up the agriculture sector started to supervise, supervise the implementation of the responsibility,We will promote solutions to the “urgent, difficult and anxious” problems faced by the masses in spring ploughing production.In the specific work, focus on strengthening the supervision and inspection of the performance of the relevant functional departments, grasp the implementation of spring ploughing and spring sowing measures, field understanding of the implementation of the policy to benefit farmers and enrich farmers, field inspection of spring ploughing materials guarantee supply, disease and insect pest control, agriculture-related subsidies;To see whether the relevant units carry out planting and cultivation, field management, pesticide and fertilizer use and other agricultural technical guidance;See whether the relevant government subsidies such as mulching film and agricultural materials are issued in place, so that the situation is clear and the bottom number is clear, providing strong discipline guarantee for spring farming production.Source: Liupanshui City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of the website production: Zhongshan District Commission for Discipline inspection and Supervision of the District Propaganda classroom telephone: 0858-8693120 Final: Yan Yan editor: Yu Shaokang editor: Zou Rongqiao