World of Tanks is not strong a version, handsome is a lifetime thing!Do you own this one

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Hello, everybody!The centurion AX, a super handsome British gentleman, has nothing but good looks.The armor shells are flying around, the maneuvers are mediocre, but whether they are strong or not is a matter of patching, who knows one day WARgaming takes pity on them and suddenly buffs the weak British medium branch?The firepower data centurion AX is equipped with a standard L7, and it is well known that Y system has its own “garbage walking” DEBUFF, so the 2.1-second shrinkage circle and 0.32 precision on paper are completely unreliable, and the actual combat is not floating up or to the ground, may be because the 0.14/0.14/0.12 shift expansion is not so good as to lead to magic touch,Empty with 10° depression brought by the output opportunity is not completely out of the strength.- The penetration of 268/330/105 is average for medium tanks, the average damage of 390/390/480 is comfortable to use (as long as it doesn’t fly around), DPM is certainly not as good as S, which has a base of 3000 faster, but base 2712 is not that bad either.Medium and high configuration under 7 seconds or so, with a comfortable APCR speed of 1478, is to hold the British Empire.Centurion AX armor is not as impressive as it looks, the turret is the same as the old Carnarvon Crisp Shark, which is exactly the same as the premium carnarvon AX, can you imagine a top medium tank carrying a tier 8 heavy tank on its head?The key is that the head is not hard at all. A 250mm equivalent cheek could shoot itself through a silver coin.Thin fragile cheek turret at the top of the whole patch is not hard, a similar FV4202 head have a package with a nice view to the worse body armor, the top of the temple the centurion AX bodywork and 8 gold car centurion five poor is not poor, on the AP is more on the equivalent of around 185 the first 59 type have a spell with my old friends, can be said to the centurion AX protection level is a joke,Side hit is also easy to break the ammo rack, blood pressure is skyrocketing, not to mention in front of 330,340 like corrugated paper.AX and D are both examples of wasteful tonnage. Although it is not as armored as Object 140, it weighs nearly 20 tons more than the object 140. As a result, the 1040-horsepower Rolls-Royce engine will not be able to carry it.The actual body steering of 49.54 is ok but the cornering is still slow.Output parts after using the motor fan around and play because the centurion AX vision has a good foundation of 410 meters, so the skills of specular can not complete, to switch to lose play + vertical stability, the combination of red ventilation/turbine, field after been modified according to different situations in before the start of switch, insets spell on the DPM is ventilated, a larger version to go shopping on a turbine.Play or hide the body to sell the first routine, at any time can not expose the body, also can not play gold shells and the top tier or even tier 9 car line, more than 300 wear shells can directly shoot through its cheek;Secondly, the circle should be reduced to the minimum. It is impossible to swing the gun and fire the gun in half a circle.Level 6 Cromwell was happy to play because he ran fast. When he reached Level 7, Comet stopped laughing. Level 8 Centurion I was even a prehistoric god pit and was directly crushed to death by Centurion v.Level 9 Centurion vii is playable but does not have high penetration gold shells. You can only steal sides with HESH happy.Centurion AX in addition to just replace the FV4202 when many people out to try to taste popular, and then directly into the commander of the garage storage,The main gunner doesn’t feel good/has a heavy mobility/is tall enough to play like a STRVK without concealed armor, it’s a hexagon warrior, it can be a bully to kids, but when it comes to real tier X vehicles it’s just a good-looking brother.Here is the tank station, always for the player’s tank public.Original is not easy, if you like our article, but also please forward to share propaganda, so that more car officers back to our own position.You are welcome to comment and discuss in the comments section below.Finally, I wish you all commander artillery shelling wear, gun gun high injury!To learn more