Nanyang Wancheng District Court: tilt mediation heart knot rekindled hope to help freshmen

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“She listened to me patiently like a sister, enlightened me, comforted me, so quickly put me suppressed for several years of pain completely resolved, let me get a rebirth of hope…Thousands of words can not express my gratitude, send a banner, thank her for my time and patience.On the morning of April 6, the litigant of a divorce case said while sending the banner to the judicial auxiliary affairs management center of wancheng District People’s Court in Nanyang city, Henan Province.The plaintiff Cui mou and the defendant Xiao mou department remarried, two people in 2005 by the introduction, January 23, 2008 marriage registration, after the lunar calendar 2007 December 27 gave birth to a boy.As a result of two people before marriage not enough understanding, rash marriage, plus Xiao mou stubborn character, not good at communication, often language out wounding, both sides conflict frequently, Cui Mou lives for a long time in huge psychological pressure, bring about the body to appear unwell, had wanted to commit suicide several times, mental depression, long-term rely on medication to maintain the body.To this, Xiao not only did not express understanding, but also let Cui die immediately.Cui mou mother can not take care of themselves, and two people live together during the xiao mou repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction and scold, even cold, drive.A variety of reasons lead to Cui discouraged, many times put forward to end this marriage, but Xiao refused to negotiate an agreement to divorce, all but Cui sued to the court, and Xiao divorce.Case according to the method of nanyang city court diversion program to auxiliary center before litigation mediation platform, mediator Lv Wei and Cui Mou separate communication in the first place, when we first met, Cui Mou emotional breakdown SOB, also told Lv Wei himself didn’t want to live, to realize Cui Mou suffer from depression, Lv Wei first on the psychological counselling, encouraged her to active treatment, optimistic face life.They also added wechat and chatted about daily life like sisters. Ten days later, when they saw Cui again, she was smiling and told Lv wei to find a job, be yourself and start a new life.Subsequently, Lv Wei separately met Xiao mou, from the men and women thinking differences, two people’s future, children’s education, marriage mode, marriage and other aspects of communication with Xiao Mou, xiao also began to realize their own problems, gradually agreed to divorce agreement, two people signed a mediation agreement on March 30 to voluntarily dissolve the marriage.Finally two people agreed, although divorced but still friends, after the cure if can compound will compound.Xiao also patted his chest to Lv Wei: at any time, as long as my wife is willing to come back, I will extend my hands to welcome, in the future, I will change myself, and began to pursue her.Just as Lu wei said, no matter whether the two end up together or apart, as long as they both make a change, it represents a successful mediation.(liu Juan)