Knowing when to stop will keep you away from danger

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Lao Tzu said, “Knowledge can be accomplished without danger.”It means there is no danger if you know to stop.The key word in this sentence is “stop”, which means stop.So how do you stop without danger?It means to stop when you reach the right level. It means to not take anything too far or too far.Too much, will be the opposite, to the reverse.As the saying goes, flowers without a hundred days of red, people without a hundred days of good.We may not get the most out of it, but we won’t have a big problem, and we won’t get hurt.Life do not know convergence, push your luck, blindly compete for fame and profit, danger and disaster will also come.Fan Li and Wen Zhong assisted Gou Jian, king of Yue, in defeating the State of Wu and gaining hegemony over the world.Fan Li rushed to retreat, hidden name, business rich, become the world rich, to a good death, the world’s reputation of “loyal to the country, wisdom to protect, business to get rich, famous world”;Wen Zhong was greedy for fame and did not listen to Fan Li’s advice. Gou Jian finally gave him the sword and committed suicide.Laozi warned people: “success, fame, retreat, the way of heaven.”People’s achievements to a certain extent, after success to retire in time.”Vegetable Root tan” : “The title should not be too prosperous, too prosperous will be dangerous;Can do not do China, China is failure;Friendship should not be too high, too high will slander and destroy.”It means that an official should not reach the height of his prosperity. If he is too high, he will be in danger.Complacency should not be excessive, or it will turn to decline;Do not act too conspicuous, publicity will bring slander, even bring destruction.To know, is to know where to stop, is to go on.If you don’t stop, there will be danger.The famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy once wrote a story about a farmer who went out early every morning and returned late every night to work on a small piece of barren land.The angel took pity on him when he saw how hard he was working, and said to him, “Keep on running.He was very tired and wanted to rest. But at the thought of more land, he ran as fast as he could. At last he fell down and died.If the farmer stopped when his strength was exhausted, he could have enough land to feed his family, but he could also become a rich man, and he was less likely to run to death.He’s dead, and no amount of land he owns, he can’t enjoy it.The moral of this story is that the more you want, the more you have to pay.Must clearly reach a certain point to timely stop, if not, the result will be doomed.”Dream of Red Mansions” zhitong Temple couplet: “After death more than forget to withdraw hand, there is no way to turn back.There is already a surplus of wealth behind you, you can even leave it to your children and grandchildren, but you still don’t know enough and don’t want to stop until you hit your head and bleed, and then you want to turn back, it’s too late.Lao Tzu warned people, “hold and surplus, as it has.”Teach people that enough is enough when enough is enough.Confucianism also advocates “knowing and checking”. “Knowing and checking will lead to determination.”Knowing where to stop, you settle down and do your job.”Stop” is also the boundary, the boundary line, can not be beyond, once beyond the boundary, there will be problems.You have to stop when you reach the boundary.This bottom line may be the bottom line of morality, may also be the red line of law, once exceeded, violation of rules.Know, will be when the line line, when the stop stop, advance and retreat.To be a person, you must stop doing something and comply with the principle to get something. You must not violate what is forbidden, or you will be punished.In life, “knowing” is just like driving a car. You can’t just step on the gas pedal. If you keep increasing the gas pedal, the car will be destroyed and people will die.Therefore, always control the speed, always know to hit the brake, “know” will be far away from danger.Reading comprehension of life, writing cultural heritage.Welcome to pay attention to @Ding Xiaowu Dian, with you to understand the true meaning of traditional culture.