Flawed People What’s the finale of the show?

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In the final episode of Flawed People, Ju Seo-yeon and Lee Kang-woo got together.1. Flawed People is a romantic comedy starring Ahn Jae-hyun and Oh Yeon-su. Those who like light-hearted love and comedy should not miss it.2. Flawed People tells the story of a woman who hates beautiful men and a man who is obsessed with appearance. They work together to overcome their flawed prejudices.Ahn Jae-hyun plays lee Kang-woo, a good-looking man who loves to stare at others and is obsessed with appearance.When he was young, he was fat, wore glasses, and suffered from an obsession with cleanliness after being dumped for being unattractive.Wu Lian xu plays Zhu Ruiyan in the play, she is a forbearing physical education teacher, because grew up in the flower beauty male three brothers, so extreme dislike flower beauty male, like “not handsome man”, has been advocating the appearance of the supreme doctrine unreasonable she, met the male main Li Kangyu also had some changes.