What is a half pack?Advantage and drawback enumerated to you came out, do clear can decorate

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Today, the eighth day of the first lunar month, fly ink home also officially started!Thank you for your support in the New Year.In 2022, we will also bring you more decoration dry goods knowledge and more refined decoration cases!About the first step of decoration, not construction, but to choose a suitable for their own decoration, today, to say about half packaging repair!What is semi – packing repair?Literal meaning of understanding, that is, decoration is only half of packaging repair.Simply speaking, decorate a company to be responsible for design + construction + auxiliary material, main material furniture home appliance is bought by owner himself.Advantages: ● The decoration company and the owner are responsible for half, responsibilities and rights.● Main material furniture home appliances owners to buy, more can spend money on the edge, to prevent shoddy businesses.● The owner is responsible for buying and buying, it won’t take too much time and energy, more worry.● Decoration strong sense of participation, after all, a brick is personally selected.Of course, can not only say advantages do not say disadvantages, half the disadvantages are: ● buy buy need to compare, offline and online wait-and-see, how to reasonably allocate the budget is also a big project.● Still want to spend part of the time and energy, if very busy, no time tube decoration is more trouble.In general: most office workers, as well as friends who want to participate in the decoration but do not want to spend too much energy, are relatively suitable for semi-packaging repair.Have seen netizen discussion to say before complete package, half package, clear package, which is more reliable?In my opinion, the three are not comparable, the different decoration methods behind the corresponding decoration needs of different owners, there is no who is good who is bad, suitable for their own is the best.Friends rational decoration oh.Half a bag of what?Let’s talk about design, construction and subdivision of auxiliary materials.1, the design process is usually: interview demand → quantity of room → out of the layout plan + effect reference map + budget quotation → suitable, contract to pay the design fee → out of the design effect drawing → running-in design to satisfaction → pay the first installment of the project → later tracking service to ensure the perfect landing of the design.Generally speaking, the thing that stylist wants to do still quite much, bridal chamber installs good, stylist also is having decisive effect among.2, construction construction needs to include five aspects: demolition and reconstruction, water and electricity construction, bricklayer construction, woodworking construction, paint construction.(1) Demolition and reconstruction demolition and reconstruction mainly includes 2 aspects: ● Blank room: on the demolition of non-load-bearing wall design part of the demolition, and the reconstruction of the wall after the layout of the new planning.● Old house: demolition of all old equipment, such as doors and Windows on the top of the wall, demolition and reconstruction of the wall, etc.Low removal process is: the location to pickup along the cutting to dismantle, bagging, finishing the second-ranking reconstruction process is: the location – based beam – lip brick – planting bar – painting the walls – cap – netting to clean up, maintenance, by contrast, the old house demolition reconstruction to a lot of trouble, so when work half a pack cost, usually also will be higher.(2) The demolition and reconstruction of hydropower construction are all completed, and the next link is hydropower construction.Water and electricity construction includes: wiring and slotting, strong and weak electricity distribution, water supply and drainage distribution, etc.This one flow is completed by decorating a company entirely, but before this, the choice of position of dimension about furniture home appliance should have been butted with stylist first oh, avoid position of socket electric wire to appear error.The content of bricklayer construction is mainly: metope basic treatment, waterproof, wall brick and floor tile shop.The main content of woodworking construction: ceiling construction, cabinet production, set of lines, door plate production, wooden base production, etc.Note that wood floors are not part of a woodworking installation.⑤ Paint construction paint construction is mainly the construction of metope latex paint and cabinet paint, paint construction after the end of hard decoration is all over.Water and electricity construction wire, network cable, line pipe, hot and cold water pipe, PVC sewer pipe, yellow wax pipe.Bricklayer construction cement, sand, waterproof coating, adhesive, hollow brick, light body brick, red brick.Carpentry construction plasterboard, wood lines, white latex, plate, light steel keel.Paint construction wall is solid, be bored with child powder, kraft paper, stucco plaster, woodware paint, latex paint (primer, finish paint).Auxiliary material is the material of relative minor details, professional person knows what material to buy more appropriate.To fly ink home, a few modelling that the spot does also is contained in half pack valence inside, be like: panel of clapboard, wood acts the role of etc.Half pack what not to pack?Do not pack things, basic are some materials to buy.● Main materials are: wall material (wall brick wall cloth wallpaper, etc.), ground material (floor tile floor), ceiling, doors and Windows.● Furniture: All movable furniture in the home, are responsible for their own purchase.● Appliances: All appliances.It doesn’t matter if you don’t choose, designer tracking the whole case, will give purchase advice and reference.2, part of the construction construction is not said to decoration company package?Why still have not pack?This part of the construction usually refers to the construction of finished main material, such as: wallpaper wall distribution, wood floor construction, custom furniture installation.This part of the construction and installation, are completed by the business.About half packaging repair is said here, small friends decoration choose what decoration?Comment area share ah ~ misting design | misting design a lifestyle choice