The lure of going home!Barcelona is also a very attractive club!

2022-06-18 0 By

It is now almost certain that Wolves’ Adama Traore will return to Barcelona, where he started his career, on loan.Barcelona and Wolves are understood to have agreed a loan deal for Adama Traore until the end of the season.Although there has been no official confirmation of the transfer, the Spain international will undergo a medical today before making his debut again for Barcelona next week.The deal was only officially announced.Traore returned to Barcelona on loan, but with a 30 million euro plus bonus buyout option, Barcelona will pay traore the rest of the season’s wages, but he chose to take a significant pay cut in order to join Barcelona.Traore’s salary at Wolves is 2.4 million euros a year, which is 1.2 million euros for half a season, which means that Barcelona should have paid 1.2 million euros for half a season, but he struggled to get 350,000 euros, and gave up 850,000 euros in order to return to the place where his dream started.However, Auray is a player with distinct advantages and disadvantages. His speed is very fast, explosive force is also very strong, and physical confrontation is his biggest strength. He is also extremely talented, and has completed a total of 645 times of breakthrough in the Premiership.He has made 23 appearances for wolves this season, 11 as a starter and 12 as a substitute, scoring just once.The numbers also suggest there is room for improvement in his goalscoring.Traore was not physically strong when he left Barcelona, but has developed into a footballer with the body of a rugby player in the Premier League.He is said to wear lube on his arms during matches to prevent him from being dragged by his opponents on drives.Traore was on the verge of joining Tottenham hotspur during the current transfer window, but decided to return to camp Nou after learning of Barcelona’s interest in bringing him back.