The day of family reunion is red as fire

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On New Year’s Eve, Mr. Wang, who was buying vegetables in the vegetable market, prepared a sumptuous dinner for his family.”I was so happy when my wife and children came to Lhasa for a reunion this year,” he said.Thanks to the party’s good policies, we have achieved a moderately prosperous society in all respects by 2021, and our pockets are getting fatter and fatter.Bless the prosperity of the country, I wish you all a prosperous day!”Approaching the Spring Festival and Tibetan New Year, in recent days, the reporter visited major shopping malls, supermarkets and markets, see all kinds of goods, adequate supply, buy goods in an endless stream of citizens, a thriving lively scene, everywhere is permeated with festive festive atmosphere.In the major shopping malls, merchants are selling a complete range of goods, and the masses carrying large and small bags to buy New Year goods shuttle among them.”Our store has a rich variety of dried fruit, many customers buy dried fruit, over the years everyone’s life is getting better and better, dried fruit snacks become necessary at home, usually two stores can sell three or four thousand yuan a day.As the Spring Festival approaches, everyone is preparing New Year goods, and they can sell 20,000 yuan a day.””Abdureheman Mehmet said happily as he weighed melon seeds for customers.The lack of food in our vegetable baskets, rice bags and meat plates has a bearing on whether people have enough food on their tables.In the market, chicken, duck, fish, ribs, beef and mutton, mushrooms, fungus, vegetables and other kinds of meat and vegetables variety.”I won’t go home for Chinese New Year this year.””We have many relatives and friends in Tibet,” said Li, who came to the shopping mall to buy new clothes for her husband and prepare for the Spring Festival. “It’s very lively to celebrate the Spring Festival and Tibetan New Year together.”Zhang also stayed in Xizang for the Spring Festival this year.On New Year’s Eve, Zhang and his friends cooked a sumptuous dinner. They gathered the specialties of their hometowns together. The dinner was distinctive and lively.”I had a great time in Lhasa even though I didn’t welcome the New Year with my family.”Zhang Zhiqiang said happily.A department stationed in Tibet organized officers and soldiers to send out handwritten Spring Festival couplets to create a festive atmosphere.The picture shows the newly written Spring Festival couplets and the Chinese character “fu”.Approaching the Spring Festival, Shiquanhe Town of Ali district quietly put on silver new clothes, the streets are crowded, the cold weather did not affect the enthusiasm of people to welcome the Spring Festival.Herdsman ciren happily told reporters on the street, “I came to buy New Year’s goods today. Now the supplies are more and more sufficient. I plan to purchase more New Year’s goods and let my family have a happy New Year.””I will spend the Spring Festival in Ngari this year, and I will have everything here, including oxygen and heating, as well as all the New Year goods to buy. I have already agreed with my family that I would like to invite my family to spend the Spring Festival with my colleagues next year if there is a chance!””Said Mr. Wang, who works at Ali.In Renqin CAI Village, Niangre Street, Chengguan District, Lhasa, the village committee is crowded with people. Party members and the masses are celebrating the Spring Festival and Tibetan New Year’s Festival.”Today I am very happy to see such a colorful artistic performance. Now life is more and more colorful.In the New Year, I wish our country more prosperity and people happiness and peace.””Said Lobsang Tsering, a 71-year-old villager.”It makes me happy to see the growing festive atmosphere and the cheerful spirit of everyone,” said Solandaji, former party secretary of Inchon CAI Village.With the strong support of the Party and the state, earth-shaking changes have taken place in the living standards of Tibet, especially the Tibetan people.On the occasion of the arrival of the Spring Festival, I wish our motherland more prosperity.”Source: Xizang Daily