Minglu Street Women’s Federation of Luyi County: Epidemic prevention front-line exhibition of elegant women show responsibility

2022-06-18 0 By

Image net news (the elephant news reporter Jin Jiangtao correspondent Julie Li-fang ge) recently, the already grim situation of the epidemic, already sound deer street women’s federation actively response to the call of the county women’s federation, to mobilize the facility 14 community women cadres and women volunteers support to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work, fully give play to the role of women “half the sky”,Women will contribute to winning the battle against the epidemic.According to the work arrangement of the Party Working Committee in Minglu Street of the county, the advantages of community grid management were brought into play. Wearing red vests, community volunteers carried out door-to-door publicity of prevention and control knowledge, two-way tracking and registration management of migrants, control of key personnel, temperature monitoring, and community nucleic test.We will guide the general public to strengthen their awareness of self-protection, wash their hands frequently, ventilate frequently, wear masks when going out, develop scientific and healthy living habits, and avoid activities such as gathering, walking and playing mahjong. At the same time, we will publicize policies for people in communities to ensure that all prevention and control measures are implemented.The relevant person in charge of the Minglu Sub-district Women’s Federation of Luyi County said that the community volunteers are conscientious and do their best to show their responsibility in the epidemic prevention work with practical actions, and actively devote themselves to the prevention and control work to contribute women’s strength to the fight against the epidemic and jointly protect the beautiful home.(Zhoukou news hotline: 180 0371 1867, email: zhoukou@hnr.cn.The “Elephant Escort Office” tel: 180 0371 9699)