Lie flat or work hard?What does Rockefeller have to say?Luck will fall on who

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On the meaning of diligence, the richest man in the world oil magnate Rockefeller in the “Rockefeller to his son 38 Letters” book, said to his son: all noble status, dazzling glory and huge wealth must rely on their own hard hands to obtain more lasting.But look at the state of affairs the rich kids are in nowadays.These rich children are the lack of enterprising spirit of the toff, they love ease, but also live a luxury life, and finally can only be defeated, end up a rich birth, poverty died.This is a bit like the four big families described in a Dream of Red Mansions. Their children and grandchildren are reduced from rich childe to beggars and nuns who are down and out.This of course also has the particularity of feudal times.Rockefeller went on to tell his son, “Teach your children that you have to create your own success, the joy of success and the respect of society in order to succeed in the battle of life.”Let them know that the crown of honor will be crowned only by the brave.You have to tell them that diligence is not for others, but for themselves, they are the biggest beneficiary of diligence.Gu Ailing, the 18-year-old gold medal winner in this year’s Winter Olympics, is the best commentary on the above statement.Gu Ailing comes from a wealthy family, but she is extremely diligent. She is not only an excellent skateboarder, who insists on a lot of physical training and can endure hardship, but also a student with excellent grades and never relax her study. She is even one of the “make-up classes” in Haidian Huangzhuang.She was admitted to Stanford University, a famous Us university, with a score of 1580 out of 1600.It seems that this also confirms: luck always falls on those who work hard!Gu Ailing in life as “sunny plow rain reading”, “rain reading” part of the “Today rain Xuan Bookstore” : share good books, share the happiness of reading!Since I love reading, I really want to have a space to chat with like-minded friends about my favorite books and authors.In Du Fu’s poem, “old rain” and “present rain” respectively represent old friends and new friends. Although they are named “Present Rain Xuan”, I welcome all friends who love reading!Whether you are new friends or old friends, you are welcome to come to jinyuxuan Bookstore whenever you are free to sit and chat. Let’s start our slow life together and savor the “reading” time.The owner of the library is Cheng Wah Chi, a former senior media person.He successively worked in the former IT and financial mainstream media such as Information Industry News, Internet Week and Digital Business Times.Since 2000, he has been the manager of Marketing Department of Peking University Founder Electronics Company and Peking University Jade Bird IT Education, engaged in brand promotion.Because of his love of writing, he returned to the media and began a writing career.Over the years, I have tracked, interviewed and reported MOTOROLA, Ericsson, Nokia, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Cisco, Qualcomm, Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Peking Founder, Kingsoft and many other Chinese and foreign enterprises and their senior leaders, and published a series of influential articles.The article has been repeatedly reprinted by People’s Daily Online, Sina, Qianlong, CNKI and other websites.He has published two books on economics and management: Samsung’s Ultimate Business Way — What We Should Learn from Samsung (China Economic Press, 2010) and Cisco’s Truth — How The Gentle Crocodile Was Tempered (Publishing House of Electronics Industry, 2014).