Irene double happiness, Valkyrie optimization is only an appetizer, legend limited “Princess Tianzhu” exposure

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Honor of Kings had a lot of rare skins before, but Irene was the only rare hero. Irene was free to receive during the campaign, but with the end of the campaign, Irene became an out-of-print hero.Irene’s disappearance upset many new players, and in order to let players have a better game experience, the planning decided to bring Irene back.This Irene double happiness, with skin Valkyrie optimization is only an appetizer, legend limited skin has also been exposed in advance.Aileen’s double happiness Valkyrie optimization also likes to mention a new legend.Irene was previously a key differentiator between old and new players, with the exception of those who participated in a limited time event and were allowed to use the hero normally, the rest of the players could only share the hero with their teammates through the event gameplay “clone mode”.Some players have even developed a technique that allows them to assign Irene to players in clone mode if none of them choose a hero.However, because of the systematic randomness of the gameplay, it is possible that the player will try the random hero technique numerous times before the system chooses Irene as the hero at once.Erin reworked an encore through aqua King.Since Irene is a rare hero, only the old players who participated in the limited time activities at the beginning could get this hero. However, the planning may have considered that more players could experience this hero, so the hero was reworked through the way of rework.The old version of Aileen is houyi, no matter the way of attack or skill mechanism is roughly the same as Houyi, so in order to avoid this “collision shirt” embarrassment, planning provisions with the lineup Aileen and Houyi can not appear at the same time.Now Irene has been reworked so that while the hero still stands as a marksman, she has become a spell-damage marksman, becoming yu Ji’s Newark.Aileen’s associated skin Valkyrie was planned to be included in the optimization plan.In fact, when planning to announce the replay of Irene, many old players who own Irene are opposed to it. After all, the hero is their identity symbol as old players. However, the plan is based on the experience of the vast majority of players, so they will return it.This damages the interests of some old players, but in the long run, it maintains the game experience of more players. At the same time, it also avoids the embarrassment of Irene and Houyi’s daily “matching clothes” by means of redoing.However, in order to better compensate the old players, the planning of the hero Irene, which can be obtained for free, in the re-work of the return set through the “King crystal” exchange.Aileen’s companion skin Valkyrie was incorporated into the internal skin test.Aileen optimization can be exchanged through “king crystal”, but Aileen’s companion skin “Valkyrie” with the inner skin into the “Rose treasure pavilion”, become a “rose exclusive” skin, but the quality of this skin is still common associated with quality.In Irene’s treasures “valkyries” into the pavilion, after almost deserted except for some old players, so in this sun shangxiang “rose lover” optimization is completed, planning the finally decided to Irene the associated skin “valkyries”, from the original ordinary associated with skin label “rose exclusive” skin,Optimized to truly “rose exclusive” high quality skin.Aileen xitixiou linked legend skin Princess Tianzhu.Aileen in addition to the accompanying skin “Valkyria” was planned into the optimization plan, but also will usher in a legend limited skin, and this skin is previously exposed to travel to the West linked skin “Princess Tianzhu”, and this skin has also been exposed through the loophole.In the previous king version of the update, there were a lot of game bugs, including players exposed the vulnerability of Aileen’s legend of the new skin photos, and compared to the previous Westward Journey linked skin “Princess Tianzhu”, this system vulnerability inadvertently leaked, is likely to be this skin.So the final question is, will players consider buying Erin’s legendary limited skin?Erin says the new skin was exposed through a bug in the system.