In the “group chat” organized by Yangpu Leye Space, “new friends” come

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In 2018, Yangpu District Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security took the lead in launching the “Leye Space” employment service project.After more than three years of development, now, it is often referred to the teachers of Leye Space as “ferrymen” in the workplace. After gathering the information of job seekers in the community on one hand and grasping the information of enterprise recruitment on the other hand, the precise docking of the two hands can help the youth in the community get full employment.Last year, The Leye Space of Pingliang Road Street First Good-neighborly Center began to explore a new field, not only serving individuals and enterprises, but also bringing social organizations into the “group chat” and completing human resources related services for them.Early one morning in late January, the Leye Space on Pingliang Road street was particularly busy. A group of young people were busy pasting paper-cuts in the corridor.They all walked out of this entertainment space.Once, they could not find a job. Now, they have found a job and have a second chance in life.On the eve of the Spring Festival, they made an appointment to return to their “mother’s home” for the New Year.Du Shengbin, a cheerful and optimistic man, was also there.After graduating from college, Xiao Du worked as a grassroots retail worker. Due to the special nature of his job, the company often required him to work in three shifts, so he could not have a good rest for a long time, which affected his life and his health.At the threshold of 30, Du quit, but finding a job was harder than he expected.”Since then, I have been actively looking for a job, but I feel lost while looking for it.I didn’t know which direction to go. I was worried because I was no longer young and my family was urging me.”After a year of unemployment, Du came to pingliang Road street Leye Space with the idea of trying.After registering personal information, discussing the direction of employment and other steps, within a short week, Leye space helped him to receive the Yangpu District good community party building studio.This is a social organization, which is responsible for the operation and maintenance of a number of party and public service stations in Yangpu Binjiang. It is looking for binjiang interpreters and is also satisfied with Xiao Du.After more than half a year of efforts, now, Xiao Du works smoothly, even expected to enter the management, career prospects bright.This Spring Festival, Xiao Du can finally have a good Year.”I am always grateful to the teachers at Leye Space.Every time I consulted, they considered all my problems and abilities from a professional point of view and found a job tailored to me.”For shan-zhi community Party building studio, cooperation with Leye Space means long-term stable input of talents.The person in charge of the studio told the reporter that up to now, they have cooperated with Pingliang Leye Space for more than half a year, and the other party recommended 5 applicants to them, all of which have been successfully hired and retained for a long time, and are highly suitable for the studio.Su Xiaoyi, director of the studio center, said, “At first, we were worried that the new recruits would be limited in employment due to their previous work experience and would not be able to work in our studio.Unexpectedly, after they actually joined the company, they flexibly applied their existing work experience to make it connected with our social work smoothly.At this point, we feel the experience of working with Leye Space is very good and efficient.”The reporter learned that leye Space has always been the main target of service for job seekers and recruitment enterprises, to help the two precise docking, to help the full employment of the society.Half a year ago, by chance, the person in charge of Pingliang Leye Space learned that there was a talent gap in the Party construction studio of Shanzhi Community in Yangpu District, and there was a long-term shortage of workers. Only then did he pull social organizations into the “group chat” and try to export talent resources for them.Moreover, Shanghai Laurin HUMAN Resource Management Consulting Service Center, the operation and maintenance of Leye Space on Pingliang Road street, also took this opportunity to develop a new business, that is, to build a human resource management system for social organizations, to help deal with talent retention, employment conflicts and other related problems.According to Su xiaoyi, many social organizations are small in size, so they can only concentrate their staff in professional fields while carrying out daily work.Especially when it comes to the area of human resources, it is difficult to deal with thorny issues.They need a team of professionals to guide them and help them deal with difficult problems.Pingliang Road street Leye space director Gao Yan said, pingliang Leye space since its inception, actively solve the problem of youth employment, in the district every year to organize the project evaluation was rated as the highest star.”Every social organization has its own problems. We will provide individual counseling for these problems, and use our expertise and resources in the field of human resources to solve problems for social organizations.Only when social organizations are well developed can more jobs be created and unemployed youth have more job opportunities.This creates a virtuous circle of resource integration.”Text/photo: Tang Shunjia Editor: Xi Yuxuan * Reprinted please indicate from Shanghai Yangpu official wechat