CCCC Third Bureau: Mutual assistance and joint fight against the epidemic

2022-06-18 0 By

On the afternoon of March 26, the Project of Heyangying Xiang of Gansu Branch of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau received a call from the community staff in Renjiazhuang Street East, Qilihe District. As many restaurants around the epidemic have closed, food security for the community and medical workers has become a big problem. We hope the project can help.The project took action immediately after learning the whole story. The canteen of the project began to prepare the meals with full enthusiasm. The “Hand in Hand” volunteer service team of the project packed the meals and fruits and sent them to the law enforcement personnel of the community and surrounding cities in batches.At the same time, the project learned that community workers and nucleic acid collection medical staff did not dare to eat, drink or rest from morning to afternoon for fear of wasting protective clothing.After the coordination of the project, the nucleic acid collection time of the project was adjusted to 11am to 12am, so that the community and medical staff could have meals and rest in the project conference room after nucleic acid collection, which not only solved the lunch problem of the community dispatched staff and accompanying medical staff, but also ensured the physical endurance of the staff.So that they can devote more energy to nucleic acid collection missions later.”Thank you so much, CSCB, let us have food guarantee, we are more confident to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control!””Said a community worker.It is reported that the project has provided more than 2,000 lunches and dinners for medical workers, community workers and urban management staff in the frontline of epidemic prevention for 11 consecutive days.”As long as the epidemic is not over, the love meal will not stop.”Project leader Song Zaichen introduced.