A-share midday | the Shanghai composite index fell 0.43%, agricultural stocks and consumer electronics

2022-06-18 0 By

On March 29, the index fell in the early trading shock, as of midday close, Shanghai index fell 0.43%, Shenzhen component index fell 0.57%, gem index fell 0.18%.Trading volume in Shanghai and Shenzhen reached 533.4 billion yuan, down 43.7 billion yuan from the previous trading day.Northbound funds, Shanghai stock connect early net outflow 1.028 billion, Shenzhen stock connect early net outflow 1.756 billion.On the whole, stocks fell more or less, two cities over 3600 stocks fell.Most industry sectors fell, Apple cut production capacity of a number of products, consumer electronics concept plunged, Goer shares close to the limit, Lixum Precision down 5%;Hongmeng, digital currency, east and west, the third generation of semiconductors and other concepts fall ahead.Agricultural stocks rose across the board, Aonongbiological trading continued to record highs, and the related concept of prepared vegetables also performed strongly, Shuanghui Development rose nearly 8%;The trend of medical stocks is divided, COVID-19 testing, vaccines, assisted reproduction and other concepts are active.Source: Duchuang Finance Review: Tan Lugang