The shadow of the dispensable 17

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Yesterday saw gao Jun’s letter, make me sigh no longer, originally I in gao Jun’s mind so unreliable, just because I grow handsome, be pursued after by many girls, just cause her to have no sense of security.One day, I was walking with my head down while thinking, when suddenly a pair of big hands clapped on my shoulder. I was so scared that I immediately turned around to see my classmate Li, whom I had not seen for many years, smiling at me.”Where are you getting rich these days?I asked him.”To be rich is out of the question, so I follow my friends.Where did you make your fortune?””He asked.”I am not to mention rich, classics friend introduction, be language teacher in a school.””Ah!What a surprise!When you were in college, didn’t YOU see that you were interested in teaching?I thought you were going to work in your family business!””He said in a fussy voice.”Neither did I?Became a teacher by accident, and I was surprised to find that I liked it.””Do what you do, love what you do!That your girlfriend Gao Jun, are you still together now?””She’s gone…””That’s right!You went from girl friend to girl friend so often in those days, you’d be surprised if she didn’t leave!That girl couldn’t stand it.””He scolded me.”I didn’t mean that. She left.”I added.”Rightness!You are not single-minded, the somebody else certainly wants to go!”He looked at me in surprise.”Why don’t you understand me?I mean she’s dead.”I groaned.”What?Dead? Did you deceive me?How can that be?”He stared at me in disbelief.”It’s true.It just happened last Monday, all of a sudden, and nobody thought of it, not even her parents.”I explained.”Do you know what caused the death?””No, and no injuries were found on the body. It remains a mystery.”I said sadly.”Alas!What a miserable life she had!How can these things happen!Don’t mention these sad things, our classmates have not seen for many years, choose the day is not as good as hit the day, or today to a classmate party, I invite people, how ah?”He was as resolute as ever.In less than ten minutes, he had settled the hotel and made an appointment with his classmates, but he still had their contact information.In the university, his organizational ability and appeal is particularly outstanding, the class to organize any activities, are planned by him.I nodded with great satisfaction and gave him an involuntary thumbs-up.He scratched his head a little sheepishly.Soon we arrived at the hotel he had booked, and when he gave the number of his box, the attendant took us to the private room.Unexpectedly, this hotel is different from other places, so as to prevent guests from waiting anxiously, the room is installed with TV, you can sing, which aroused my interest.In the university, I was a famous wheat bully, the first wave, in my singing, the students also came to see me and exclusive wheat, everyone waved with me as usual, is said to say hello.At this time, there are other students want to sing, I put the mic into his hands.Then, I talked to those students about their lives after graduation.Some of them are fast, they are married and have children, most of them are in love like me, and some of them are still married, so they are busy with their careers.With a dormitory of the classmate with my better relation, suddenly care about me, ask me now and gao Jun development how ah?I was speechless, do not know how to answer, tell the truth!I was afraid he would think I was deceiving him and not telling the truth, and I felt terrible myself.Seeing my dilemma, Li spoke for me. He said Gao Jun had gone to a place we would never see.The student who asked “Oh!”1, also did not continue to ask, probably saw my embarrassment.Lee, on the other hand, was enthusiastic about arranging events in the private room. He was always the life of the party, always putting everyone at his ease, and everyone was willing to be arranged by him.I always don’t want to use this brain, like to eat and drink with my mouth, how others arrange.There is a classmate in the wine table talk, said his career to do wind and water, and no matter what he said is true, there are a lot of students have cast envy to him, after all, can do the cause of the people, that is the dragon and phoenix.Between bottles, the most common conversation was about who got together and who broke up with whom after graduation.More gossip, who is and who will love dying live in college, and thought that each other is the right person, this life also naturally, walked into the marriage hall, but not for long, only to find their true love is others, then in other people’s marriage, give others to rob to come over, rearrange the family.Diet men and women, this is also an eternal topic, and everyone a classmate, understand each other, men and women master we also know.Finally, do not know who, and kicked the balloon to my head, are reminded of that, the piano is very good, love I also love to be obsessed with Gao Jun, now and I how?Some students also echoed, “Yes!How is Gao Jun?”Suddenly he cares about us.Li, too, paused and realized he had to save the day. Pretending to be a little drunk, he shook his glass and said, “What else could she do?Gone in search of her poems and far away.”All the others seemed not to believe what he said. Their eyes all looked at me. I raised my glass and stood up to toast everyone for their love and care.I finished and said calmly, “It is true that she has gone to find her poems and faraway places.”Then I kept my mouth shut for fear of causing unnecessary trouble.Some students who love to fight injustice say in a low voice, “How could she do that?I didn’t know she was like that!Such girlfriend don’t want.”Say that finish, angrily drank.I whispered, “Yes, yes, yes!”Then, as everyone changed the subject and stopped caring about me, I breathed a sigh of relief.The reason WHY I don’t want to announce anything between us is for everyone’s consideration. Some people like to have excessive feelings, love to care about others, love to help others with advice, and finally make unpleasant things known to everyone. I don’t want to be special care and care, so I try my best to do more than less.The reunion of the students, also let me depressed for several days, the mood was released, as if the long drought encounter nectar.As WE left, I grabbed Lee and shook his hand hard, hitting each other in the chest, then hugging each other and patting each other on the back.Pat the dust on the body, cheer up the tired spirit, the distance may be full of rough road, perhaps to go alone.Pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact delete.