Ning Zixi, don’t try to be brave

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Ning Zi Xi accompanied Jian Wan to stroll around. She rubbed her legs and asked, “Wan Wan, where are you going? You can’t just wander around aimlessly.”Jian Wan thought for a while: “Why don’t we go to the newly opened food street in the new city? I heard there are many delicious food and some famous online shops.It’s still early, let’s go for a stroll.I have nothing to do back home.”Ning Zi Xi looked at Jian Wan’s excitement, didn’t want to spoil her enthusiasm, said: “Ok, how can we go?”Wan Jian reached for a taxi and waited for it to stop. “Come here!”The new city food court is not far, less than half an hour away.See jian Wan excited to see what to eat what, Ning Zi Xi special speechless way: “if let Cheng Huaibei see you eat like this, unexpectedly did not let you eat full, he should be depressed.””No, no, it’s my appetite!”Jane wan explained.Ning Zi Xi holding chocolate milk tea while drinking while some boring look at the mobile phone, Li Mu Shen did not give her back the news, suddenly heard Jane Wan called her, the knob turned off the bag.”What’s the matter?Wan Jane frowned and said, “I see the thief.The guy in the black T-shirt at the tofu stall in front of him just stole the wallet and cell phone from the student in front of him.What shall I do, shout or not?”Don’t shout!Ningzi Xi just want to take out a mobile phone to report to the police, Jane Wan can not bear patience, anxious to run up to catch the person who stole a mobile phone, blunt the other party shout loudly way: “Ah you don’t run!I just saw you reach into that little girl’s purse and hand over your cell phone wallet!Or I’ll call the police!”The man who was caught by the collar turned back and became angry. His angry arm threw away the man and he stared at the girl fiercely and warned her, “Don’t talk nonsense!Just because I slept with your best friend doesn’t mean you’re holding onto me!Your best friend is so much sweeter than you, and I love her.I’m breaking up with you!Get out of here!”Jane wan people stand silly, also forgot to catch people, a look is to be shouted stunned, and so she reaction, the man had run away.”Mama of!This man bastard, we don’t listen to his nonsense, he is a thief!!”Jane shouted angrily!The young man beside smiled and made fun of 1: “stole your bestie.”…Stole your uncle!Jane wan turned around and said to the girl, “What a fuss! Check your bag and see if your mobile phone wallet has been stolen!”Ningzi Xi on the phone with the police described the thief’s appearance signs and location, quickly hung up the phone, she followed Jane Wan, can not let her so impulsive to find someone!How to say the other party is a male, here mix estimate is habitual steal, in case he has associates!Jane’s temper is just too impulsive!Ningzi Xi just noticed around the queue to buy things more girls, not a few men.Even if it was to catch a thief, there’s no way girls who just watch and run away from anything dangerous are going to help!Ning Zi Xi has not caught up with Jian Wan, she heard jian Wan a few meters away from her panic shout, frighten around a couple of lovers frown at Jian Wan.Ningzi Xi hurriedly ran up: “how is it that it is an emperor?”Notice jian Wan’s left upper arm there is a five or six centimeters long and fine wound, Ning Zi Xi distressed of ask: “all bleed, how do you make of cut to what thing?”Jane wan pain of the frowning eyebrow, looking at ning zixi hurry to pull open the zipper bag to find toilet paper, she recalled: “I what also did not rub to, remember just chase a person from the back of a person hit me, arm pain, I also did not care, affirmation is he has something to blow to my arm.”Ning Zi Xi cu mei carefully wipe off the blood to Jane Wan, she just go out of the preparation of a band-aid, stick heel with, take out to help Jane Wan clean up stick in the scratch.”How do I feel? You cut your hand with a small blade.”Ningzi Xi looked carefully just now, long and thin scratches, unlike what zipper hard things blow.She remembered that when she used to scrape her eyebrows with a heavy hand, the razor would cut the skin, just like the cut on Jane’s hand now….But what kind of person carries a razor blade when he goes out??———— street people slowly reduced, has not begun to many people, some shops are closed.After dinner with Cheng Huaibei, it was nine o ‘clock. After spending a long time in this place, it was almost twelve o ‘clock.Jane wan went out wearing high-heeled shoes, just walked all the way to wear the heel skin, Ning Zi Xi band aid is used up, this snack street and no drugstore.They rested for ten minutes.Ning Zi Xi was a little worried: “Wan Wan, how’s it going? Have you rested yet?It’s getting less and less. Let’s get going.”Jian Wan stood up and tried to walk two steps. It was ok. She could endure a long walk to take a taxi on the main road.About to go, slant head to see left front a small lane has a drugstore, Jane Wan said excitedly: “Zi Xi Zi Xi, I saw the drugstore!You wait for me while I buy band-aids!”The drugstore was not far away, so it was a bit off, but there were no street lamps on both sides of the road, so it was very dark.A little worry Jane wan a person to go, Ning Zi Xi followed the past.After buying band-Aids and putting them on their feet, they walked back.On the way, Wan Jian called Chu Lin. Chu Lin said that he had just got off work and told her not to walk at random. He would come to pick her up later.Quickly walk to the road fork, Ning Zi Xi is talking with Jane Wan Chu Lin, suddenly feel behind someone.Ning Zixi did not dare to turn back immediately, there is a kind of intuition to feel the bad guy.Jane wan is also alert, she suddenly looked back, only to find that the man following them is the thief!Of course not, there were two other people with him, and judging by their appearance, they were obviously not good people either.Nothing could be worse. They’re both being targeted!Feel the situation is not good, and there is no one around, Ning Zixi some flustered, she wanted to secretly call the police, the results were one person found mercilessly pinched his arm, Ning Zixi pain release, the package was robbed.Ning Zi Xi frowns: “what do you want to do?Do you know robbery is against the law?!I just called the police!The police will be here any minute!Stem what!Stay away from me! Stay away from me!Don’t come over here…”There were only a few shops closed, the drugstore was far away, and no one was passing by. It was useless to shout.The man who stole the phone signaled to stop the two women from making any noise. If he really wanted to call, he could call out in another way.Ning Zi Xi was pulled a push to the trunk, in front of the man without a word began to untie the belt.”Don’t you like to meddle!Today I’ll teach you how to be comfortable!Ning Zixi move not to win, and no door for help, cold from the soles of the feet spread to the heart, she was afraid and fear, the brain do not know how to do.Suddenly the man reached out and violently tore her clothes. The collar of the T-shirt slid down from her shoulder and the black underwear sash was exposed. The man violently kissed her.”Get the hell out of here…Don’t touch me — “Ning zi exclaimed.Jane was no better. She was screaming and screaming, and after the man slapped her in the face, she did not dare to speak again. She shivered with fear and shrank like a wounded rabbit.Chu Lin, you have to save me!I was bullied…At the moment of desperation, the screeching of a car’s brakes alarmed three people, and then a strange man’s cold voice said, “Who’s there?What are you guys doing?Come out and be examined!”Then Ning Zi Xi and Wan Jian heard Chu Lin’s voice, “Wan Jian!Is here or not?Answer me!”Wan Jian began to cry when she heard Chu Lin’s voice.Chu Lin ran up to Jian Wan and kicked the man to the ground and punched him hard. The man covered his nose, bent over and howled painfully, “You hit me!The police beat someone…Oh……”The two comrades from the local police station who had come with Chu held the others down and took them to the bus. Chu took them on board, closed the door, and walked to the front of the bus, saying, “Take these three people back first, and leave the rest to you.”The driving comrade also understood what the situation was and walked first.But Jane was fine, and they got here just in time, so they didn’t get bullied too much.Chu Lin took Jian Wan in his arms and comforted her gently for a while before he went to see Ning Zi Xi.Ning Zi Xi is worse than Jian Wan. Her dress is torn and there is a tear in the hem of her skirt.Summer wear clothes are not many, Ning Zi Xi dare not move also did not move, she did not speak, people curled up in a group sitting under a tree, head buried knees, also do not know whether there is crying.Wan Jian was not in a good mood, holding Chu Lin and crying, not to mention Ning Zi Xi.Chu Lin could hold Jian Wan, but he could not hold Ning Zi Xi. Besides, he had no extra clothes.Chu Lin decided to call Li Mu-shen.Ningzi Xi emotional need to appease, also need to go to the police station case.After Li Mu-shen received the phone call, Chu Lin told him what had happened and soon someone came.Ning Zi Xi or that state did not change, did not speak.Li Mu-shen squatted down gently and shouted softly, “…Peaceful.”Ning Zi Xi did not respond, Li Mu Shen shouted again, people still do not move.But Li Mu Shen noticed, he just met ning Zi Xi shoulder, Ning Zi Xi body can not stop the trembling.Don’t know how long to wait, Li Moushen don’t want to wait to hold Ning Zixi go to see Ning Zixi raised his head, she looked at Li Moushen, a pair of eyes red and swollen.”I’m all right.The captain.”Ning Zi Xi said aloud.You’re crying like this and you’re saying it’s okay?Li Mu shen silent, know this time comfort the most useless.Chu Lin asked him to bring the clothes to Ning Zi Xi covered with buttons, the clothes are his shirt, put the office for use he casually brought over.Li Mu shen looked at ning zi Xi, with her to discuss the tone: “wait for a while need trouble, you and Jane Wan want to go to the police station to do a record.Then I’ll take you home. Is that all right with you?”I don’t want to go.Ning zi Xi didn’t say, she just numb nodded, low of said 1: “good.”Li Mu shen quiet comfort: “nothing, don’t be afraid.”Li Mu Shen helped Ning Zi Xi reluctantly stood up, did not take a step ning Zi Xi almost fell, was Li Mu Shen picked up.Lee only said, “…Ning Zi Xi, you don’t try to be brave.”———— in the police station to finish the record, send Ning Zixi with Jane Wan back, Chu Lin was too angry to resist low roar sentence: “Damn!I’ll lick those three scum when I finish questioning them at night! ‘Li Mu shen cold voice: “you less say two!”Li Mu-shen asked Chu Lin, “I will send Jian Wan and Ning Zi Xi back first, and you last.”Chu Lin, I will not go back!”When chu Lin saw jian Wan about to cry, he quickly changed his mind and said, “Ok, ok, please don’t cry.Captain, I’m taking Wan to stay at my place, and I’m a little worried about her being alone.We wait in front of the next, you send zi Xi on the line.”Li Mushen said, “I will send you home first.”Chu Lin nodded. It was all right. He reminded Li, “I think Zi Xi is not in a good mood.Li Mu Shen looked at the abnormal silence of Ning Zi Xi, light back chu Lin 1: “Good, I know.”