Network transmission of grief, Zhuhai “cloud sacrifice” online

2022-06-17 0 By

This text is from: Southern PLUS is another qingming festival, recalling the ancestors call true love.In order to encourage citizens to send messages and remember the deceased through the Internet, zhuhai Xiangzhou District united Southern Media Group Zhuhai Branch held a cloud sacrifice activity of “Remembering the deceased and remembering the heroes” during the Qingming Festival (From April 1 to April 15) to encourage the masses to remember the deceased and mourn the heroes through the Internet.The platform was officially launched on March 31, allowing citizens to offer flowers, bow and leave messages to their ancestors.The “cloud sacrifice” platform in Zhuhai was set up to encourage citizens to send online messages to remember the deceased, so as to avoid crowds of worshipers during the Qingming Festival and prevent the spread of the disease and the rebound of the epidemic.Enter zhuhai “Cloud Sacrifice” platform, offering flowers to ancestors martyrs