Meaty Chang ‘e, itself is a very good variety, but now to pretend to be orange Monroe for a living

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Today have meat friend to ask tang elder: chang ‘e is what fleshy hybrid breed?Is it easy to keep?Chang e is said to be a Korean hybrid out of the fleshy variety, the father is the famous snow lotus, the mother is the original Kola (wild card).As for a foreigner who would give succulent such a Chinese name, it is because he has a Chinese friend, and Chang ‘e after the cultivation of the friend to help name, and finally according to its spotless white posture, and color can orange can red shape named chang ‘e.Chang e chang red leaves hypertrophy, arranged in geometric rosette, leaf shape as long spoon, adaxially flat, round back, no keel, front inclined pointed or acute, have short tip, the whole plant is covered with a thick layer of white frost, normal leaf color to white or white and green, under the sufficient sunshine and temperature difference between the larger environment external leaves turn red or orange red,Sometimes there will be blood spots and sugar.Double the goddess of the moon from the goddess of the moon’s hybrid male parent, snow lotus and maternal original corolla (wild card), it should be a great many varieties of meat, but have orange Monroe bead jade in the former, it is snow lotus with orange Monroe hybrids, and looks like), plus the orange Monroe fire nearly 1 to 2 years, as a new type of more meat, the goddess of the moon high price but without it,So some businesses use Chang ‘e as an orange Monroe (I can talk about the difference later), which is a strange thing in the world of succulents.Orange-red Chang ‘e with orange Monroe really very like now Chang ‘e will lose to orange Monroe in the price, personally feel there are two reasons: one nobody hype, visibility is too low.The reason for orange Monroe’s resurgence last year is that its high appearance level and good skin are an important factor, but the reason for the artificial hype can not be ignored.Chang ‘e, however, has never been hyped or heavily promoted since its launch, which has led to it becoming a very unpopular meaty variety and now has few fans.The second chang ‘e’s own character is unstable.The Orange Monroe, a meaty variety that has been around for decades, is proven to be remarkably stable in every respect.The chang ‘e has only been crossbred for a few years, so sometimes it’s more like the snow lotus, sometimes it’s more like the original Corolla, and we need to spend more time breeding and selecting to get a perfect Chang ‘e that combines the best genes of both.Is the shape inclined to the goddess of the moon of Corolla good raise?Don’t effeminacy chang’s parents (with meat friends said she is not good, but actually understand curing method have good), so it is also a very good raised many varieties of meat, don’t say more like orange Monroe in meat “inverse hanging open area” four seasons dew, at the very least, the summer in a shade and proper under the condition of water control, it is the summer is not too great pressure, if you like it,Feel free to start.Leaf fat chang e of course, we still keep chang e to granular soil is the best, and the best use of small pot control, so that it is more conducive to color out of the state (open hanging area meat friends can ignore these).And to the goddess of the moon watering is generally observed at the bottom of the leaf, when the bottom of the leaf soft, it shows that the basin soil has been completely dry, can be watered, on the contrary, temporarily don’t water, so as not to appear it spread the phenomenon of big cake (The goddess of the moon generally will not appear long).In addition, the thick white frost on the leaf surface of the Goddess of the Moon has the effect of sunscreen, unless the summer encountered extreme high temperature weather, otherwise it is not necessary to give it shade, directly placed in the light of the most adequate place to raise it.This article by tang Elders meaty notes original (part of the picture from the network), welcome to pay attention to, take you with long knowledge!