Damn!Someone stole 17 million yuan pension, was eventually investigated!Pension certification is too necessary

2022-06-17 0 By

The recent pension theft was a big deal.I don’t know if you have seen the news recently, but according to the news released by various state media, hunan Province has uncovered a major case of defrauding 10 million yuan of pension funds.Of course, this fraudulent pension is not from which retirees out of the hands, and through illegal means, stolen from the national endowment insurance fund.How the whole thing came to light.It turned out that a bank’s business alarm system had been triggered by someone using multiple bank cards — or social security cards, to be exact — to withdraw cash at a bank’s ATM.And this person, in fact, or a director of the local social security bureau, can be said to take advantage of the job, exploit loopholes, through the collection of dead people’s social security cards, steal ill-gotten wealth.When he was caught, he was carrying over 600 social Security cards.Stealing more than 17 million yuan in pension funds.It was shocking.Of course, he was able to steal such a large amount of pension funds, but he did not do it alone.Fortunately, all those involved and those responsible for the loss were punished and the stolen pensions were recovered.This, in fact, proves once again the importance of pension eligibility!In fact, as long as you take out your mobile phone, search the keyword pension fraud, you can find a lot of related reports.Of course, it’s all about the news that many frauds have been discovered and revealed.Some people, haunted, know the law, and some people, lucky, want to take advantage of the point.The exposure of all kinds of cases, in fact, is to verify one thing again and again.Don’t take advantage of any loopholes.Steal pension, falsely claim pension is illegal behavior.There’s a price to pay.According to Article 12 of the Social Insurance Auditing Measures, social insurance agencies shall verify the situation of individuals receiving social insurance benefits. If it is found that the recipients of social insurance benefits continue to receive benefits themselves or others after losing their eligibility for benefits or defraud social insurance benefits in other ways,Social insurance agencies shall immediately stop the payment of benefits and order them to be returned;In case of refusal to return, the labor and social security administrative department shall deal with it according to law and may impose a fine of not less than 500 yuan but not more than 1,000 yuan on it;If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated by judicial organs according to law.As the saying goes, justice has long arms.Through this matter, I believe that we can understand why the local pension eligibility certification.This is an important measure to prevent fraudulent pension claims.Those who do not qualify can be screened out through regular certification.It also protects the interests of all insured people.We remind you that two collecting behaviors, must not have, is a kind of treatment for people died, and his family to withhold, continue to fraud charges, of course, this kind of behavior to the chance of success is not big, because in addition to the regular certification, now big data to network, individual regions may be there is something wrong with the information management, also has the vulnerability, but don’t take any chances, upon investigation,The money that was falsely claimed has to be recovered.It is pay to get personnel to offend the law again, be in this penalty period, annuities pay suspends extend.It is also illegal to falsely claim.Actually early late late, the pension that violate rules to get must be recovered, accordingly, must not violate rules to operate.the loss outweighs the gain