Construction of fengjian tunnel on the northern section of Anlai Expressway will begin at the end of this month

2022-06-17 0 By

Enshi reports on cloud (JianShi qso journalists Yang Ailin) on March 15, in jianshi county town of long beam bar village for a high speed in building the tunnel construction site, the overlay of the project site laboratory and reinforcement processing factory has been completed and put into use, concrete mixing station is stepping up its construction, is an official tunnel excavation in front of the three-level nursing, the mountain is expected to officially starts at the end of this month.The Section from Chongqing to Jianshi of Ankang to Laifeng Expressway (hereinafter referred to as Jianen North) starts from Minjiawan, Changliang Township, Jianshi County, Hubei Province, connects the Chongqing section of anshi Expressway under construction, passes through shaba and tea garden, and ends at Longli, Jianshi County, connecting with the jianshi to Enshi section of Anshi Expressway which has been completed and opened to traffic.Built north the total length of 10.039 kilometers, is the national highway network planning G6911 ankang to LaiFeng highway is an important part of, is also planning in hubei province “JiuZong five horizontal three-ring” an important vertical freeways, the main design 7 Bridges, tunnel four design, main line adopts the design speed of 80 km/h standard of two-way four-lane highway construction,The integral roadbed is 25.5 meters wide, and the split roadbed is 12.75 meters wide. The total investment of the project is about 1.823 billion yuan, and the construction period of the project is 48 months.Fengjian Tunnel is the longest highway tunnel under construction in Chongqing and Hubei province. It is located between Shaba Village, Changliang Town, Jianshi County and Temple Town Xiaying Village, Wushan County, Chongqing Municipality. It is a key control project for the construction of The En-North Expressway., after the completion of the project will be the first of the north-south highway thoroughfare, its wide on the above construction, speed up the western hubei ecological culture promote area of ethnic minorities in the wuling mountain areas economic and social development, drive the western hubei ecological culture of the above “one river and two mountain” the development of the core scenic area, further speed up the economic exchanges in the central and western regions would be “through train”,It will provide basic guarantee for developing local characteristic economy and fostering new economic growth point.