A man shows off his wife’s “love meal”, which is a perfect way to avoid the essence of delicious food

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China’s food culture has a long history. People have created their own food system in life practice. The essence of Chinese food lies in the perfect combination of cooking and blending.”Cooking”, cook the food, “tune”, the nutrition and taste of food as much as possible to stimulate, let the food play its nutritional role, but also to meet the needs of people’s taste buds, this is usually pay attention to meat and vegetable collocation, reasonable nutrition.Lunch for office workers is mostly eaten outside or take-out. The disadvantage of eating outside is that it is not healthy, so many people bring their own lunch box.A man recently showed off a “love meal” his wife had prepared for him. It seemed to be a show off, but it was actually a joke. In his opinion, the love meal prepared by his wife was better than a takeaway.There is no problem with boiled eggs, tomatoes and cucumbers, but it is not cooked, original food, some difficult to swallow, no taste, but IT can be seen that the wife is very careful, cut the cucumber, the egg peeled off the shell.One day, the man complained that he had no taste. On this day, his wife prepared a box of flavorful lunch for him. A box of rice with a portion of salty pepper became flavorful.The second day is the same pickles with rice, but from salty pepper into pickled cabbage, pickled cabbage also fried with pepper, not good to say, at least very rice.After eating salted vegetables for two days, the man complained that he was too vegetarian to eat some meat, so his wife immediately arranged three or four slices of salted bacon with a plate of bean paste. According to the man, the three pieces of meat were too salty, and there was still one piece of meat left, so the rice disappeared.On the second day, we continued to arrange meat, but we only had preserved meat, which was replaced by preserved sausage. The quantity was a little small, but also salty and bitter. Although there were only two small pieces, it was enough to eat with rice.The third day is still meat, ham sausage slices, add bean paste.The man joked that he was tired of eating rice and wanted a change of taste. His wife immediately changed to roast sweet potato with diced salty and spicy radish. Another day, it was bread with bean paste.Such a love meal, the man felt miserable, and dare not express their will, feel very depressed to eat.Some people say, be content, and have a wife, but also for you to prepare love meals.Although the food is a little simple, but also her mind, estimated to be for the sake of the man’s figure, think about those who eat or not eat, no one tube people, be happy.Some netizens kindly remind the man’s wife of such a love meal, occasionally eat ok, eat often, the man’s body can not bear, for the sake of family, be kind to the people around you!