What Do Old People Lack?

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A young man asked an old man living alone in the mountains what he lacked.The old man replied: nothing is lacking ~ young man can’t think of what result, ask net friend who know to tell him.Let me see: lack of understanding…Why not live alone?!It would be nice to have family together.Parents and children in this world, although the most close, but the most difficult to understand, understand, this is not a rare friendship between friends, in the family how hard to find it?After yan xuejing’s father died, she moved her mother to the city to live in excellent living conditions, but her mother was still not satisfied. She kept returning to the countryside, blaming her children for not accompanying her and her husband for giving their house and land in the village to relatives.Yan Xuejing especially do not understand, feel that mother is doing, she and her two younger brothers rushed to their mother’s home, head to head for a meal of education.Yan xuejing asked his mother, “Why did you go back to the countryside?How nice of you to live in such a nice house?What do you care about a house and land in the village? Aren’t you better off than any of them, living in the city with savings? ‘Yan xuejing was full of criticism and education as she poured out her grievances and doubts.The mother was silent, listening to her daughter’s complaints.Suddenly, Yan Xuejing found that her mother’s eyes straight, she suddenly felt, not good, mother wanted to commit suicide, but also instantly understand the old man’s loneliness.In a few seconds, yan xuejing had countless thoughts swirling in her mind. Through her mother’s eyes, she immediately understood her absurdity.Yan Xuejing fell to his knees and cried to his mother, “Mom, I was wrong. I don’t understand you. You miss my father, and you can’t be happy anymore.”Mom, we were wrong. We were too busy at work to spend time with you. We shouldn’t have.”Yan Xuejing immediately rebuked her brother: “What do you mean you are too busy with your work? You are wrong to say this. Our mother used to farm while taking care of us three.From now on, our mother can go wherever she wants, go back to the countryside, and stay at home with whoever she wants.”Mother and son, four people crying together, Yan Xuejing rose to embrace her mother.When yan xuejing wrapped her hands around her, she realized that her mother was so thin and thin. The mother who had sheltered her from wind and rain was now as thin as a child in her arms.After that discussion, Yan Xuejing had a new understanding of filial piety.She reflected on her previous so-called filial piety to her mother, in fact, is to ask each other to live according to her standards.She gave her a house and money, but did not give understanding and care to the elderly.The mother tortured them because she wanted the company of her children, the house and land back in the village, and the last memory of their father.She was lonely, she was afraid, she missed her husband, and yan xuejing did not discover all of these, but also thought that she gave her mother the best.Now yan Xuejing, nearly 50 years old, has gone through most of his life, knowing the destiny of the age, Yan Xuejing understands the meaning of filial piety again.Later, Yan discussed everything with her mother and spent more time with the elderly.It is so difficult, there is also much between the close friends are passers-by like a b, rare have a bosom friend like to know.Because understand, so mercy.In this way, honor your parents and fulfill each other.