Spring Festival holiday, “jia” at the gate of “Mei” are very busy

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Peripheral tour and micro-tour are the mainstream choice of current holiday travel.The Spring Festival holiday has entered the countdown, stay at home “sofa paralysis”, and family outing in the park, exhibition……Have you arranged your vacation schedule?In fact, don’t go far, Wenzhou “jia” gate scenery is also very beautiful.Yongjia Academy has always been one of yongjia tourism network red scenic spots, recently, more than 7000 plum blossom in the academy quietly bloom, “mei” is very popular, the scenic area has also added a number of hi play projects, the Spring Festival has not had time to make a tour guide, this issue “looking for fun”, reporters take you to explore yongjia Academy in advance.”Mei” beautiful scenery, the Spring Festival when yongjia Academy is located in Yongjia County Shatou town Zhuan village.Winter fragrance, the park has quietly blossomed plum blossom.More than 7000 plum trees of 9 varieties, such as Gongpink plum, Sajin plum, Jade dish plum, green sepal plum and Zhaoshui plum, are planted in spots, pieces and flower paths, combined with small Bridges, water and mountains in the scenic area, creating a beautiful picture of “plum” in the scenic area.On both sides of the road, along the bank of the river and on the hillside, plum trees are displaying their beauty in various gestures: white, yellow, light green, light pink and carmine…Although it is not yet in full bloom, the petals covered with raindrops are delicate and charming, and have a unique charm. Occasionally, I can see two colors on a plum tree, which is very interesting.The best place to enjoy plum in the park is the sea of plum blossoms in Wanmeilin.Along the mountain stone path to appreciate the fragrance of mei, the branches of the floating fragrance, wind flowers fall as snow.Wear in the forest, in the winter of Jiangnan, dyed a plum fragrance, let infatuated in the cold wind.Along the way can also encounter twos and threes of visitors or stop to watch, or took out a mobile phone to take a beautiful moment.In previous years, the plum blossom in the blooming period of Wanmeilin covers an area of about 30,000 square meters. Zheng Yujie, manager of Yongjia Academy, told reporters that compared with the “lively” in previous years, the plum blossom in the garden this year was “half shot slowly”.At the beginning of the flowering season, the trees are full of flowers that have not yet blossomed. Clusters of buds poke their heads out on the branches to greet the cold and spit out fragrance. When the weather is just right, they release themselves to their hearts’ content and surprise people who admire flowers.This year’s Spring Festival holiday, plum blossom is in full bloom, is also the best to enjoy the plum period, when the mountains and fields, fragrance piaoyuan, the most spectacular.One-stop experience, open “Mei” good time lazy afternoon, or in the landscape, plum blossom forest to find a smart poetry, or in the Nanxi River side tea reading, drink a cup of hand-made coffee, chat with friends and relatives about the trivial life, or in the jungle crossing, water trampoline, high altitude glass rafting project to feel the excitement of fun;Under the starry night, cook red wine, wave fairy fireworks, watch outdoor movies, participate in the bonfire concert, enjoy the intoxicant romance……During the Spring Festival holiday, many families travel with the whole family. With more than 50 natural and cultural landscapes, more than 20 cultural and sports interactive projects, and complete accommodation, catering, leisure and entertainment facilities, Yongjia Academy is a good choice for returning to the countryside and “living like the wild” to meet the different needs of family members.Local nature, thrilling, luxurious and romantic, all can be one-stop experience here.Yu-jie zheng said, “to let the public to visitors a better experience, added water trampoline, jingu jian drift scenic spot visit multiple projects,” jiangnan rhythm of snow “just reshipment opened recently, visitors may caused in ice slide chute, tire, etc, is not the same as the experience of ice and snow world, the scenic spot also upgraded the home stay facility, measures and other supporting facilities,It optimizes accommodation for tourists.”The reporter sees swim trails in the scenic area, workers are building a white inflatable trampoline, always fine college expansion group ministry head ChenXing Town tells a reporter, “this is the province’s first floating pontoon bridge super trampoline, covers an area of 400 square meters, recently everyone struggle, the lunar New Year holiday tourists can experience at a favorable price to try.”It is reported that from the 2nd day of the 1st lunar month to the 15th day of the 1st lunar month, the scenic spot will hold New Year camping activities every day. Tourists who want to experience “awning” in the academy during the Spring Festival holiday need to make an appointment in advance.”Half of the tents for the Spring Festival have been booked,” luo Zhongming, head of MGO’s Yongjia Academy camp base, told reporters. “The barbecue dinner, the New Year’s Concert, the bonfire party…These special activities are only for camp guests.”News + Yongjia College Spring Festival special activities: 1. “Wear Hanfu to admire plum blossom” — from now to February 6, wearing Hanfu free tickets to visit scenic spots (limited to 100 people per day) 2.Before the Spring Festival (January 31), book fengya song homestay, complimentary yijiangnan restaurant voucher.(Songyue b&B/room/night free 50 yuan, jiangfeng b&B/room/night free 100 yuan)Tourists who buy tickets to the scenic spot during the Spring Festival holiday will be given a 5 yuan voucher for the scenic spot food market