Sports blogger: Many local fans have protested against the Chinese football team coming to Suzhou for isolation and training

2022-06-16 0 By

China lost 2-0 to Japan and 3-1 to Vietnam in the last two round of 12, completely missing out on the 2022 Qatar World Cup.The Chinese men’s national football team returned to Shanghai from Hanoi early on February 3, Beijing time. After completing the necessary procedures for entry epidemic prevention and carrying out a brief quarantine, the team moved from Shanghai to Suzhou to receive a 14-day quarantine, during which the national football team will continue normal training.Luo Guofu, Alan two naturalized players after China and Vietnam have returned to Brazil, naturalized player Jiang Guangtai back to Britain on vacation, Wu Lei returned to Barcelona to join Spanish club team.Recently, according to the famous Chinese sports blogger football will never win, many local fans protested against the isolation and training of the National football team in Suzhou, many of whom felt that they still enjoyed world-class treatment when they played at the round of 12 tournament, which was the fourth-best in Asia.Achievement should link up with income, otherwise sorry “according to work” principle.In fact, it is expected that Japan and Vietnam have better basic skills than us, better small skills than you, smoother mix than you, why should not win you?The root of the problem is not that the lads are not fighting hard, but that there is something wrong with the academy.Chinese players are poor in basic skills, can’t run and receive, can’t pass the ball accurately, and can’t catch and receive the ball steadily. It is you who accumulate too many failure factors that make you swallow the bitter fruit now.Every time the National football team is to reflect on the pain, every time is certain next time.I went from sitting next to my dad when I was a kid, to now that my dad’s dead, my kids are sitting next to me.What have I been looking at for decades?A few years later, when I have passed away, my son will probably sigh again: Why are Chinese football fans so miserable?So also don’t blame the suzhou fans ruthless, but the national football always abuse our fans thousands of times, even if how inclusive, also can’t tolerate again and again to lose.With every failure, the football association, experts and the media always stress the need to improve youth training;However, don’t make youth training so easy without doing it yourself.Do we have a court?Rich?Do you have a minute if you have both?This cram school that cram school, with the current state of Chinese football, which parents dare to gamble on their children’s future?It is worth mentioning that liu Jianhong, a famous football commentator, has made it very clear in the live broadcast room that Chinese football is about interests. If you want to play football, you have to spend money, and it is a level of money.If Chinese football cannot link up the order well, youth training is just an empty word, our football will never blossom and bear fruit.