Ma Yu Wei: I saw the movie Across the Yalu River

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Recently, going to the cinema to watch a film is the story of the hit the yalu river, a deeply by reproduction magnificent grand, astonishing, exciting scenes of fighting the war to resist shock, deeply by volunteers men thus heroism and sacrifice spirit, this is a panoramic reflect the Korean war epic film,It is a song of patriotism and revolutionary heroism.History is told in flashbacks and first person.By voluntary army commander and political commissar peng dehuai the Korean armistice agreement was signed in panmunjom after memories began, down from the Korean battle of the first to fifth campaign this main line, vertical describe one of the most wonderful segment of the war, interlocking, the progressive step by step, is full of very strong affinity, presence, and to enhance the appeal and authenticity.I feel that the most successful film is, vividly describes the back and forth in this remarkable great war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea, represented by MAO zedong the generation of communist leaders decision, command, through the whole process of war, exquisite depict the reimbursing marshal peng dehuai prowess in battle battle command art and joys and sorrows,The special atmosphere and life and death friendship between generals and officers were honestly and honestly treated each other and shared weal and woe in the arduous war environment.I started my career in the 38th Army and spent 14 of my 41 years in that heroic unit.From an army, what is influenced by what is seen and heard is the fine tradition and style of the “Thousand Year Army”, fan Tien, Xu Henglu, Guo Zhongtian, Gao Runtian and other battle heroes are familiar with the side characters, some have been my direct head.Know that there is Peng Dehuai’s own handwriting “long live the 38th Army” telegram, also know that there is Peng Dehuai pointed at the old commander Liang Xingchu nose curse plot.But how is this history represented in literary works?Can you honestly show the war, ups and downs?Until now, there was no convincing description in memoirs, novels, reportage, movies or plays.When I saw the film crossing the Yalu River, I applauded the courage and wisdom of the directors.Film with more pictures show the historical events, and come on flesh and blood, blow out, to play hard to get, first after Yang suppression, bring the audience into a kind of shoes, experience the atmosphere, from a higher level shows between senior army commanders, officers and men, honest, blood is thicker than water, as a kind of emotion,Also from a side to show the United States to aid the war of hardship, as well as my volunteers have I invincible, indomitable spirit.From Marshal Peng Dehuai curse niang, to Liang Xingchu commander angrily resigned, and then to the troops at night 140 miles of mountain road, the successful completion of the blocking task, Marshal Peng Dehuai personally wrote the “Wansui Army” message, become the film finishing touch, especially a wonderful stroke.Once again: Life itself is more vivid than fiction, and some plots really can’t be made up.”Why is the land so picturesque, red with the blood of heroes?”In the film, the first battle of Liangshuidong, the fierce battle of Yunshan City, the battle of Qingchuan River, the defense of Sansooli, the fierce battle of Changjin Lake, the bloody battle of Shanggan Mountain, and so on, each battle is a severe test of blood and fire, survival and death, life and death. The soldiers of the volunteers face the strong enemy without fear, bravely fight, one after another.Huang jiguang give plugging loopholes, Yang Gensi body shot to the uneven, Fan Tianen and officers and men is chewing rocks and VIP in positions in ying, iron the original strong enemy 63 army captains Fu Chongbi soldiers that “the neat, and most grand JunWei”, appear to be successful I volunteer army soldiers to defend the peace and justice, with lifeDefend, Korean, and defeat the U.S. ambitions wolves have strong determination and courage, formed a set of standing in one hundred million and “the most lovely man” statue group, with progressive plot unfolds, the audience sometimes surge of emotion surge, and sometimes have a boiling passion, heart constantly ask by history, a huge voice resound, seems to be telling people “:The war is not far away from us, and heroes should never be forgotten by the world.”Across the Yalu River” is also a relatively successful portrayal of Chairman MAO Zedong in that special period.In the face of the motherland, in the face of the powerful enemy, in the face of the choice of going abroad to fight or liberate Taiwan, how should the “chess pieces” of strategic thinking be placed?What contradictions and problems will troops encounter when participating in foreign wars?Take the lead to love the eldest son MAO Anying sent to the Korean battlefield, and then in the enemy air attack heroic sacrifice how to treat?How to deal with marshal Peng Dehuai’s telegram from the front that he had “no food to eat, no clothes to wear”?The words and actions of a generation of great men were vivid, calm, forward-looking, and down-to-earth;It is both forward-looking and realistic.Around the destiny of sacrifice, write a marshal peng dehuai guilty regret sad, write the understand the important principle thoroughly MAO zedong’s mind, make the audience really realize “sacrifice for have more ambition, dare to teach new heavens” lofty spiritual realm, permeability of which is the communist party of China’s “soul”, which is held high above his head, always put the interests of the people.During the shooting of the film, the then leaders and military personnel of China, the Soviet Union, the United States, the DPRK and the ROK were portrayed, and the actors’ basic performance skills were very good. It was not easy to reproduce the scenes vividly.However, the 120-minute film, perhaps due to the short shooting period of only 100 days, has some shortcomings compared with the grand historical epic of the War of resistance to the United States and aid to Korea.There are many heroic deeds that are not shown in the film.To ensure the smooth advance of the war the Chinese people and the Korean people have made great sacrifice, volunteers in north Korea and the local people to establish a sincere and affectionate friendship, a film is its combat doctrine is natural, but how to write the lively diverse and rich emotion, do it with soft, sweet in the bitter in just, also worth exploring.Then it is still as I commented on “Changjin Lake” when the feeling, “across the Yalu River” or no one can be sung to open the theme song, such as “hero children” “Shangganling” and other film theme song.This is a great regret.On January 13, 2022, In Beijing Zhixingzhai (all the stills in the article are taken by the motor from the screen)