Longshan village earnestly during the Spring Festival work to ensure the area of peace and harmony

2022-06-16 0 By

During the Spring Festival in 2022, Longshan Village, Chengdong Town, Haifeng County, took active steps in epidemic prevention and control, fire safety, traffic counseling, environmental sanitation and other work to ensure that the local people had a peaceful and safe Spring Festival holiday.Strengthen the network of epidemic prevention and control and strengthen screening.The village fully implement the “four one” joint prevention and control measures, build a defense line of mass prevention and mass governance;Give full play to the four-wheel linkage function of “big data + grid + active monitoring + mass line”, and take responsibility for compaction, investigation and control.The village organized party members, cadres and volunteers to carry out village-by-village, phone calls and door-to-door follow-up of people related to the epidemic in key areas to ensure that the tracking of key targets is in place.Since January 31, more than 100 people have been quarantined at home.In order to effectively prevent the occurrence of all kinds of safety and fire accidents during the Spring Festival, to protect people’s lives and property safety, Longshan village in the jurisdiction of the three small places, residential fire safety inspection.During the investigation, the location and quantity of fire safety exits, evacuation channels, emergency lighting and evacuation indication signs in all kinds of business premises are checked.Whether fire fighting equipment is complete and in effective condition;Whether fire equipment is regularly checked and maintained;Electric vehicle “fly line” charging and other common problems.The village organizes two cadres and volunteers to be on duty at each main road crossing within the jurisdiction, to persuade, detain and educate the vehicles with illegal behaviors in the past, and strictly control the safety risks of key drivers.Timely correction of speeding, tired driving, driving without license, driving without helmet, answering and talking on the phone and other unsafe driving behavior.The village organized the cadres and volunteers of the two committees to clean up and renovate the roads and laneways, shops, floating stalls and parks in the area to create a clean and tidy environment.In view of the disorderly Posting, stacking, green belt and dead corner garbage cleaning, and street trees, green plants for pruning, make the lawn more neat and beautiful, further beautify the environment.